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Question on future project gun

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  • Question on future project gun

    I have a 1917 eddystone action, its been opened up to a magnum bolt face. The bolt is pitted pretty good, but it is safe and functional.

    Heres my dilemna. If I keep it the way it is I would probably throw on a 375 bbl and make more of a truck rifle. Now the other thought I have is to find a different bolt with the original boltface in better shape (cosmetically) and go with a 35whelen. (anybody got a bolt for a eddystone laying around????).

    Now I'm not a smith but if the magazine is set up for a magnum will there be feeding problems if I go with the shorter whelen?

    If I go with the 375, I'm looking at a 21" bbl and want to shoot 275-300gr bullets. What twist would be the best?

    Same question on if I go with the whelen. 200-225gr bullets around the same bbl length.


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