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  • Murphy info please

    What is the best base and rings for a FN browning 270 that looks really good and works really well because the FN is really nice. Engraved would be nice but I will hunt the gun. By the by the 9.3 64 is done, will head to the range and see what I have, want to hunt moose with it this year. Really like the way it looks, now if it will shoot. Thanks

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    I should add before you-all think that I am all show, they have to be Quality rings and bases.


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      FN Mauser mounts

      Scope bases (two piece) for the M98 are Redfield, Leupold, Warne, Talley, Burris, Conetrol and S&K. And probably others. I have several with the Redfield two piece bases I prefer these over Leupold, they are smaller and don't hang ut over the ejection port. Then I use Leupold rings on the standard Redfield windage screw base. This will allow the lowest sope mount. The Warne and Talleys end up pretty high. Actually the nicest looking and most streamlined are the S&K scuptured rings. They are a pain to install but are very good looking mounts. I don't know of a company who makes engraved bases or rings anymore for the Mauser. The old style Warnes were very nice looking but they're gone. Check with Brownells' for most of these. They do have the S&K.

      Give us an update on the 9.3 when you can. I envy you with that one. I would like one of those. I can build one I would just like to find an original Mauser. Good shootin'.

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