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450 Marlin in AR 10

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  • 450 Marlin in AR 10

    What do you think of this? Scroll down until you see the 450 Marlin info.

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    I really like the .450M. I have 3 of them now, but for $2330 this one probably won't make my collection.
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      I really have no need or desire for a long gun like this, but I'll tell you, I think it's incredible what is being put together these days. Even ten years ago, this wouldn't have appeared on the market. I also think the anti-gunners are foaming at the mouth if they know about this. How can they say now that this type of firearm isn't applicable to sport/hunting use. Hoo-Ah for American Ingenuity!


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        450 ripper.

        That looks pretty cool.
        Im 450 marlin GG freak I use it for deer hunting admirallty in the brush and as a camp gun. But I would choose the levergun instead of semi due too almost the 100% reliability. THat semi auto would be be a little more enticing though if it was setup to shoot a .458cal with heavy duty pointed bullets to get some more velocity/range. or if it could handle 375hh or a true 338winmag.

        Id sure like to see a marlin gg in 375hh. my finger is twitching at the thought.
        Im no expert so im asking how come a lever action cant be built to handle a 375hh?

        How about a marlin gg in 375 hh with 350 barnes x with rubber tips like the leverrevolution ammo? that would give any grizz nightmares.


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          Magnum Man, Browning makes the BLR in 325 WSM but if you want a true .338 Winchester Mag. then pick one up in 7MM Mag or 300 Win. Mag. and have the barrel changed out to .338 Win. Mag., or even .416 Taylor. Get it in the laminated stock stainless model and you would have a one of a kind lever action.


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            must love mags and big bores

            Magnum man,

            Cobb Mfg makes an AR10 clone in .338 Lapua. You can contact Cobb Manufacturing Inc. by phone at 770-505-3080, or by email at Or simply Google: Cobb 338 Lapua

            As far as why you do not find a 375 Holland & Holland in a lever gun is 2 reasons: I kicks too hard and it's too heavy. It just such a chore to work a long action and the receiver would need to be thick to handle the CUP, and those extra few ounces would just be devastating to carry. And that awful recoil magnums produce- most people want to stay with their 308 as the ultimate Dangerous Game round...

            Now the good news!

            You actually could have a lever gun chambered to the Holland & Holland magnum case. Either the Uberti Mod. 1886, or an old Winchester mod. 71 would work.
            The action length would be long enough to accommodate the cartridge with a little (well, lots of expensive work) new barrel, and some time later, you would have a Super custom lever gun.

            Compare cost of the rifle THEN add about 2500 to 3,000.00 later and about 6 months wait to complete the project. OR Get a Savage Alaskan Guide Rifle in 375 H&H at 600.00 new at the gun shop explains why there are not many Magnum Lever guns.

            I've got an old Winchester 1886 (Made in 1910) in 50 express (50-110WCF) that I donít really want to use as a shooter so I've thought about getting an Uberti 1886 and shipping it to Doug Turnbull Restorations and getting it chambered to the 50 Express as to be able to fire "modern" 50-110WCF hand loads. The trouble is the 1,000.00 for the base rifle and the 2700.00 to finish it. It's one of those things that it's just not practical to justify the money when there are other guns out there that can do it better, cheaper. my Marlin 1895 45-70 is real a hoot to shoot and cheaper to feed - still - that throaty boom and seeing that 50-110 brass go 'fling' from the receiver of the old Winchester is hard to beat at the range.
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              I to wish they would make a heavy hitter in a lever gun. I dont buy the fact of weight and recoil. I had a 458Lott that was built on a P-14 action that weighed a hair over 7lbs empty. I shot alot of rounds through that gun with only 1 mild

              Seriously, its all in the way its set up. manufacturers nowadays could do, for some reason they dont. It would be expensive, but folks will pay. I know I would.


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