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  • Stevens 200

    I stumbled across perhaps the best 'buy' I've made in quite awhile. I've been looking over the rack in the Snake River Valley here in Idaho, and in Northern Utah for a bolt .223 Rem. Few and far between, and what I DID find was new, and pushing $6-700 bucks. Ended up in a place called Ski's House of Guns, in Idaho Falls, and he had a whole rack full of Stevens 200's, short action, long action, any chambering offered, at $269.00, and with some for the Governor, ended up going out the door for $284.00 and a bit of change when I added a set of Weaver bases. This thing looks like it SHOULD shoot! I can't put a barrel on a junker 98 for $285.00!!!
    1-9 twist on the .223 is interesting, and they mention that they target them with the 69 gr. Sierras.
    I'm thinking of picking a few more up, like .25-06, a .308, and maybe a .300 Winchester just to have them on hand. Hell, with ten kids and fifteen grandkids, if nothin else they'll end up being birthday and graduation presents!!!
    I'll let you know how it shoots after I get to the range with it, if anyone's interested.

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    stevens 200

    I got one in 223 last fall to stick behind the seat in my truck. Its been there through the heating and cooling of the winter and has got a little surface rust. Who cares? Rifle and scope cost less than $300. I squirt a little WD40 on it now and again and then back behind the seat it goes. I stuck a cheap Simmons scope on it and it shoots 1 1/2 in at 100 yds with the bargain priced Winchester USA 40 grain ammo. It has more dings than one would think possible for a gun thats not a year old. However it has killed 6 coyotes and the purpose that I got it for has been served well.

    Sheesh! I think I just bragged up a Savage! First time for everything!


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      I'd say you've got a deal! I've been thinking about a 200 in .223 as well. After reading about them a few months ago, I've recommended it to at least a couple bargain-hunting non gun-nut friends. Haven't even handled one yet!

      Have fun with it


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        Savage 200

        For the money these guns can not be beat!!!! They shoot great. I live on the east coast and alot of these guns are being sold to the deer hunters. They would do well in Alaska. I plan on returning in the near future, I have less than 2 years until retirement. I left the Valley in 1987 due to family reasons and have missed it everyday since.

        Frank Ray


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