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358 Norma Magnum rifle

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  • 358 Norma Magnum rifle

    Anyone else on this forum own a 358 NM besides me? I am interested in hearing about your rifle and how you decided on this particular caliber and aquired your rifle. Mine was just completed, started out as a factory Interarms Mark X 7mm Remington Magnum that my late grandfather used to own, he was 90 years old when he gave it to me. I started on the rifle project this past winter and finally I have the rifle in hand once again. "Shooting it tomorrow".

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    I own one. Mine is built on a model 70 classic action. I used this rifle to shoot a Kodiak brown bear this spring.


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      Had a S&L for a few years with the best piece of walnut I've ever seen. Shot like it had high tech bedding, but this was just plain old good stock work from the 60's by a big name. Almost hated to take it out it was so perty, but it shot so well I couldn't leave it home. Had to let it go when I got hungry one time, and still grieve it's departure. Performance on game was spectacular, and this was before Nosler or anyone else made premium bullets in 35.
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        358 NM pic

        Here is a photo of my new rifle w/o the scope. This morning I mounted a Leupold VX III 1.5 x 5X scope on it and sighted it in using reloaded Norma brass and 250 grain bullets, decided on 1.5 inches high at 50 yards. My brother-in-law also showed me his 358 NM which was built on a Mauser Model 98 Preduzece 44 action, very unique rifle. His father had a custom 358 NM that was built on a Remington action, he had great results on big moose both on the Yukon and Kuskokwim Rivers. Enjoy the photo.
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          358NM specs

          Here is the company that rebarreled the action for me.
          Benchmark Barrels
          1105 Pioneer Hwy, East
          Arlington, Washington 98223
          (360) 652-2594

          Interarms Mark X action originally chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum “Grandfather’s Old Rifle”

          Re-barreled to 358 Norma Magnum
          Stainless Steel 24 inch # 4 Contour barrel with Target Crown
          Custom 2-Position Safety Shroud
          Deluxe Timney Trigger
          KG (Kal-Gard) finish

          Company that did the stock work.
          McMillan Fiberglass Stocks
          1638 W. Knudsen
          Phoenix, Arizona 85027
          (623) 582-9635

          Complete Installation
          Interarms Mark X Mauser classic style stock
          Molded in Woodland Camouflage color
          Glass bedded with (2) Aluminum Pillars
          Stainless Steel sling swivel studs
          Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil Pad
          13.75 LOP

          Great work, great rifle.


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            Looks good. Mine is bedded in a swirly-pattern McMillan stock and has a Leupold fixed 6x on top.


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              358 photo request

              How about uploading a photo of your 358 Norma Magnum, I am sure forum members would enjoy and appreciate the picture. Include the rifle specs too, maybe there are others 358NM enthusiasts out there that would enjoy sharing some information and/or their experiences with there 358s. Thanks


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                Thanks for replying to my thread, Shultz & Larsen 358 NM, I would have really enjoyed seeing that. Read about them searched for one for years could not find one no matter how hard I searched. Rare and unique. Haven't seen any Husqvarnas 358 NMs around have you? Thanks.


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                  .358 Norma Mag

                  Although I do not currently have a .358 Norma Mag., I have been thinking of one. Here is my idea on making one, you all let me know what you think.
                  Browning Stainless BLR in .300 Win Mag. rebarrelled to .358 Norma Mag. My reasons for this set up are; I am left handed and the lever action would work great for me, the BLR has a drop box mag, and I think it would be unique. Just something I am thinking about. Let me know your thoughts, as I am definitely no expert on custom guns.



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                    Additional Photo

                    Here is a closeup of my 358 NM Mauser action with custom 2-position safety shroud by Benchmark Barrels.
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                      Looking at the popularity of lever actions these day and their ability to cycle rounds very quickly. I believe that a custom 358 NM lever action would be an effective brush rifle, drop box magazine is an added bonus since you would not be limited with your bullet selection.


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                        Here's a picture of my custom 358 Norma Magnum:


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                          Totally awesome photo

                          That is a totally awesome photo, your custom 358 Norma Magnum speaks for itself, great promotion for the 358. Thanks for sharing the picture.


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                            Varberger Model 711 Grade 1 358 Norma Magnum

                            Anyone forum members know whether or not Varberger of Sweden still has a U.S. Distributor for their Model 711 Grade 1 in 358 Norma Magnum?


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                              358 Norma Magnum Rifle pics

                              Adding a few additional pics of my first rifle project a 358 Norma Magnum to my 7/23/06 post. Enjoy
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