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  • Federal Classic 270gr RN load ???

    I was wondering it anyone has any experience with the 270gr RN federal classic load in the 375 H&H. My lightweight 375 absolutely loves the federal classic load with 3 shot groups under 1" the norm and a few much tighter. It shoots the fed premium 260 accubonds fairly well, about 1.5" at 100 yards but kind of sprays my 300gr Nosler partition reloads in the 2-3" range. As well as it shoots the classic load I thought about just sticking with it. Is the 270gr RN used in that load stout enough or should I look for a load with a better bullet? Thanks for replies.

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    Premium bullets are sure the "in thing" these days, but I'll be darned if I can find many documented accounts of bullet failures in the classics. I know 5 bear guides well, folks who have probably shot more bears than any sport, and certainly seen more bears shot. To a man, each and every one of them prefers the plain old Remington 270 grain Corloks. I'd say that's a pretty strong vote for classics, in spite of fads and marketing for the premiums. Don't know how the Federal bullet compares to the Corloks, but that would be a fair measure. Like most everybody else here, I haven't shot enough bears with a wide enough variety of bullets to compare performance, so I have to go on actual histories from the guys who have. Count my vote for classics till I hear and see my favorite guides switching.
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