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  • Bear thumper

    For those of you looking for a bolt action bear thumper look no more, comes in 450 marlin, 338 federal, and a 50 cal.'s about time!!
    I once held the yardstick of anothers perfection, I threw it down and carved my own................

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    Now those are some sweet looking rifles! Talk about some thumpers!


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      2 things!

      1. Why would anyone pay close to 2 grand for a custom rifle based on a Savage action?

      2. You can build your own for a whole lot less!

      Brand spanking new Ruger 77 in SS to start project -$500, Montana Riflemen match grade SS barrel installed/ action squared and lapped-$500( for this price they will even do the barrel contour to match the one coming off so it will be an exact fit to your factory stock), Timmeny trigger $70. Total less than $1100 or you could just order a Kimber in 450 Marlin for $1200.

      To each his own!


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        Ellmerkeithclone I am definitely with you on this one. And being the proud owner of a rifle built by Montana and I can say when all was said and done I paid around the same 2k but I have a whole lot more rifle with a McMillan stock and scope included in that dollar amount.



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