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  • 338 Magnum factory loads

    Experiences wityh factory 338 Magnum ammo for big bears. I use plain Remington 225gr CoreLokt on big black bears, work O.K. What suggestions, experience with factory loaded Ultra CoreLokt, Swift A-Frame, Fail-Safe and Nosler( 220 and 250 gr I think).

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    Its hard to go wrong with the federal premium loadings. THe HE loadings might be just the ticket for big bears.


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      I like federal nosler 250 gr partition-HE.


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        Federal HE

        IMO, I don't think you can beat Federal Premium HE (high energy) ammo loaded with the 225 grain Trophy Bonded Bear Claw bullets. I've chronographed this ammo at up to 3,001 fps, and the TBBC bullet is hard to beat. Only negative is price -- almost $50 per box of 20.
        In God We Trust.


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          you are at an disadavantage if you do not reload- the cost of ammo for medium and big bores is over and beyond for me. But like anything you carry afield you must carry what is appropiate for the conditions. In Alaska we know there is not a bear behind every bush but it is sure good to know that what you have in the mag. is gonna hold up in close. I would always opt for the Swift or the Barnes or the Fail Safe first then a Partition but I would hesitate at the so called "CoreLokt".
          I find a .30-30 or a .308 works just dandy on any size black bear so any bullet that you use in the .338 is plenty sufficient. Truly big aggresive bears with a tenacious desire to live will need a bullet that is "dead" tough to penetrate and cause I hope massive tissue damage.
          North Forks are something I still need to look into and try, heard so much good about them-but again that is for reloaders.

          shoot straight,


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            338 magnum factory loads

            Just back from grizzly hunt. The Federal 225 gr Trophy bonded Bear Claw did just fine for me. 140 yds, 1 shot, full penetration through shoulder blades and lungs. Bear rolled on back, kicked a few seconds and died. 8'2" bear. the other hunter had a very fancy Heym rifle with Schmidt and Bender scope on a rail mount (too high in my opinion). Shot his bear twice high and in the back guide finished him (the bear) off ith his remington 375H&H Failsafe , 4 shots, the last one in the neck. In total 7 shots all 375H&H, range was 46yds. His bear was 8'1". The first shot obviously really makes the big difference. Thanks for advice on bullet. By the way, we recovered the Failsafe bullet that ended the fracas, the neck shot. It stopped under the skin on the offside of the neck, petals sheared off , remainder of bullet intact. My bullet left a large 1 1/2' entrance hole and a small exit hole. Not sure how that can be explained,ther is no question as to entrance exit wounds as it was a quartering away shot with the bear's left shoulder facing me. It was getting dark so we didn't bother with trying to dig my bullet out of the log behind my bear. We were on a salmon stream and had been rushed by a sow and cub half way through the 600yd stalk on the bear. She got within 50yds but took off after some arm waving made the cub run back in the bush, added a bit of spice to the hunt.


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              338 magnum factory loads

              Something else came up on this hunt I'd love to get feedback on. t is customary for guides to have clients check their rifle zeros prior to hunting in my experience. On this hunt two days after taking my bear, my guide noticed his scope base screws (Ruger factory mount, the big base screws) were loose, you could turn them with your fingers loose). Should one insist that guides test their riflres in front of you on dangerous game hunts (risking the guide taking offence, versus you risking your butt on a backup rifle that may not be spot on!?


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                Thanks for feedback


                Thank for the feedback on the Federal HE TBBCs. I only know them by their construction and reputation; I've never actually shot an animal with one, but they're what I'd carry for moose, bear & maybe goats.

                In God We Trust.


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                  Core Lokt

                  I shot a black bear last month in Maine with .225 gr. Core Lokt Ultra's. It dropped in it's tracks. Bullet exited so I don't know what it looked like. Exit wound showed that it expanded good. The bear weight 315#. I don't know if that would be a big one or not in Alaska. That was my first bear. My rifle wont shoot the partions or A-Frames very well. It shoots the Core Lokts an Core Lokt Ultras abount an inch at a 100.


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                    that is a good question to have put before you're next guided hunt. I can feel the back of my hairs stand up now just thinking this is my ticket out if the guide has his gear amiss. Your money and youre butt- I would definately enquire about his gear as he does yours. Not all scenarios will be the same but all should be expected to be for the worst possible.
                    Good bullets make for a good trip surely. The old bullets have successfully taken many game and no argument there. I have shot enough of them to know that improvement in bullet design is a must and now adays the selection is great. Tropy bonds are pretty expensive per 20? is it? In any case I use "premiums" of the like of Swifts, Barnes, Kodiaks, Partitions and of late the North Forks which still need to be field tested by me.
                    Black bears can be taken with the likes of the .243 even at 300# and over so it is not surprising that the new "ultras" perform quite well. Interior Alaskan bears and the large Coastal cousing nonetheless need youre respect and deserve a shot and a bullet that will without question hold up and penetrate. These animals can take the bullet and with adrenaline up and in the stars will require some serious balsy work to finish--go with a tough bullet.
                    It is a good hunt when all things considered have gone well and crap on the other hand when things are slipshod-unacceptable. Good hunt bearheart!


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                      338 Win

                      The 338 Win is excellent for big bear.....loaded with 225 Barnes TSX, Nosler 250 gr Part, 225 Swifts. My favorite Alaska gun!

                      The 416 Rem and 375 HH also deserve mention for the big bears!


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                        Hornady Heavy Magnums for the 338?

                        Hey Guys,
                        Does anyone have experience with the Hornady 225 grain Heavy Magnum load? I have been using 230 Grain Winchester Fail safes and am not at all impressed. Either they dont open up at all or they're shedding their petals too soon. Either way I'm looking for a switch as right now Im getting better game performance out of my 3006. The Hornady Heavy Magnum load looks great on paper. I was hoping somone out there has used it? Thanks guys.


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                          I have shot bears as well as moose with the TBBCs' and A-Frames, those are the bullets that are designed for hard work on big animals. I have bought a bunch of TSX's for my 338WM this past fall in 225 grainers and it groups them under an inch moa although I havent shot anything with them yet. Either of those 3 bullets in whatever configuration you can find em in would be a good choice IMO when pentration is critical. They all retain their weight well and will not shed petals and come apart on you like some other bullets will. I wouldn't be so concerned with the HE velocity as I would a well constructed bullet.JMO


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                            Of the bullets you mentioned which do you like the better? And how fast did they bring down the target?


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                              Muzzle Velocitywith Factory Loads

                              I'm Interested To See What Velocities Are Chronographed With 338 Factory Loads. I Measured 2550 Average With Fed 250np With A 23" Barrel.


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