Kimber MT 325 WSM Scope??



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    Well I ordered my scope for my 325 a couple days ago. I ordered a Leupold VXL 3.5 - 10 x 56. I wanted a scope that gathered as much light as possible since the majority of my hunting with this rifle will be done in the evening when light is poor.


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      Cool. I looked at one of those the other day. Pretty wild looking. I am 45 and getting older so an exit pupil of about 4 or 5 is all that I will benefit from. I don't know the specs on the 56mm but the 2.5 has a 13 feet more field of view than the 40mm at 3.5 power and should gather more light. I figured that will do me more good than an extra 2x on the higher end. Plus I wanted to keep the gun as light as possible and the size seemed right.

      I'd like to see a picture of that Kimber MT with that scope once you get her set up. What rounds are you ging to shoot? I'm going with the Win 200gr Accubonds. $43 a box at Sportsmans...x4=youch!

      Where did you get your rifle? Sportsmans in Fairbanks can't get any. Down Under Guns says they can order them. I happened to find one on the shelf at Sentry. They said it was the last one. While I was there I talked to a guy who had one on order from somewhere. Sportsmans said they have mounted scopes on 3 in the past couple weeks that guys got other places.
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        I am also hoping that my Kimber shoots the 200 accubonds well becuase that is what I am planing on using most. I'll send you a pic when I get everything on the gun. I was wanting a scope to gather the most light possible (to an extent). The wieght wasn't an issue to me because I thought the gun was really light anyway.


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