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22-250 in Alaska

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  • 22-250 in Alaska

    I have a heavy, bull barreled, target stocked, high power scoped 22-250. I bought this gun to shoot Prairie Dogs and have enjoyed it. This gun is not made to carry around (tried it once calling coyotes and my arms and shoulders were aching). It is extremely heavy and works well from a pickup hood or another solid rest. Anyway, is there any type of shooting in Alaska for this type of rifle (other than punching paper). I have a friend who is wanting to buy and set up a gun just like this one and I have thought about selling my rifle to him before I move up to Alaska this fall. I'm not aware of any ground squirrels or other types of small varmints in the state. If anyone knows of a good application for this type of rifle, in Alaska, let me know.

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    22-250 in Alaska

    Sell it - minimal (read that no) usefullness in Alaska for hunting
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      I guess I disagree. I use it the most often of any of my rifles and am the most comfortable with it. Mine isn't a heavy barrled gun, but it shoots well and I am confident everytime I pull the trigger.

      Placement is the key, but on the other hand I'm not saying one should use it as the primary gun for anything bigger than a 'bou.

      I'll probably get hammered for this comment, but I like my 22-250.


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        middle of the road

        There is a spot for the 22-250, I wouldnt use it on big game but it is great for dogs and lynx.

        If its that heavy, I would get rid of it, unless you plan on buying an ATV or snowmachine once you get up here.

        I'd sell it and buy another at a later time, one that is more practical (ie:not as heavy) for alaskan hunting. its a little differant than parking your truck and shooting PD's off the hood.

        Good luck


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          Well, you know what opinions are.... The 22-250 has a place for varmit hunting yup here for coyotes, fox and lynx. I have one and won't get rid of it.


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            it's the rifle, not the caliber...

            I think he's asking about the rifle, not the caliber. The caliber is just fine for lots of stuff in Alaska, but the rifle doesn't sound too user friendly for typical field use up here.


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              Yeah, I'm more thinking about the rifle. I wanted one with a lot of weight so that it would be very steady on the sand bags. Sounds like I should sell this one or trade it for a "walking" varmint gun.

              Thanks for helping confirm my suspicions.


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                You're right on the money. The caliber has lots of uses, but a heavy barreled rifle is going to hold you back in some situations.

                I have a friend with a heavy barreled 300 mag of some sort he picked up for serious long range shooting. He's kind of a runty little guy, and that thing darned near killed him by the time we got to the top of the third mountain back. I'm quite a bit bigger than average and strong to boot, and it darned near killed me when I had to swap rifles with him and carry it for the rest of the hunt. Guns much over 9 pounds get heavy for me on long hunts, and when they start topping 12 pounds total they're anchors. I don't like to carry them far at all without wheels.
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                  I pack my sniper rifle all the time. If you decide you want to sell it let me know.
                  Good Huntin


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                    What part of the state are you moving to? In some parts of the state it could be quite useful, in other parts you might find it nearly useless.

                    I'd personally prefer a more compact 223 for varmint smaller critter duty.
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                      Addressed to Sarge; are you talking about the M40 or the M21 system?
                      That is some serious poundage.


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                        I'll be moving to the Anchorage area. Any uses for this area?


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