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  • .17 Hmr

    We just got a little Rossi matched pair. Cute little rifle in stainless. Was out sighting in the .17 HMR barrel. We are using the Hornaday ammo.

    Wonder if anyone out there has shot anything larger than squirrels with the .17 HMR and how the bullet performed? I see there is a good website devoted to testing that caliber. Looks like the CCI bullets may have better penetration than the Hornadys.

    Mark Richards

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    The 17HMR will do fine on Fox sized critters out to about 75 yards. The little V-Max type bullet is very explosive. I have a friend in Texas that has used his 17 HMR on animals up to wild hog in size and it worked fine with the right shot placement.


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      Thanks Allen

      That is exactly what I needed to know.

      Best, Mark
      Mark Richards


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        Its about perfecto for fox and I wouldn't hesitate to shoot a coyote if I had it with me when I saw one. I have a bunch of buddies back home in michigan that use it night hunting and have killed several coyotes with it also.


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          Mark I just bought a .17hmr also and picked up all the available kinds of ammo I could find in Anc. I have seen some fox blown apart with the hmr and some with just a pin hole in and thats all. I need to do some experimenting with the differnet kinds of ammo to find a very fur friendly one.


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            Guys, thanks for the input.

            Jon, is there more than just the two brands (CCI and Hornady) of .17 HMR ammo? I'd be interested in what you find out as far as the most fur-friendly. Is there any use at all for the expended brass? It's a shame we can't reload these suckers. Anyway, once you figure it all out, would appreciate word on what ammo works best on fox and such without blowing up.

            Best, Mark
            Mark Richards


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              different ammo I found

              I found 5 different kinds of ammo for it in Anc.

              CCI hollow point (I have a feeling it will not be fur friendly)

              Hornady V-Max (heard good things about this round on fox)

              Winchester V-Max

              Federal V-Shock (hollow point, again could be ugly)

              Remington Premier Magnum Rimfire

              I mailed the gun to myself from the lower 48, just got it today. I just need the scope to arrive and I will get out and do some playing around.

              Anyone have a good idea of something to shoot at that might be close to the density of a fox so I can play around with the bullets now, without busting open fox this winter?


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                Any stray cats around? JOKING...

                I have a buddy who has a 17HMR and the new 17HM2. Both are amazingly accurate. I almost got one myself I just don't like the lightweight bullets..still prefer my 22 magnum out to 100 yards.


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