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  • Encore .270 Pistol

    After much deliberation, I finally purchased and Encore handgun, and decided to go with the .270. ( I mostly hunt Michigan/Wyoming ) I thought the .270 would be a pretty versatile round for my situation. I have never hunted with a scoped handgun, and was looking for some advice as to power / brand. I have a hunt scheduled out in Wyoming this October, and plan on using this for Mule Deer. I only have a couple of months so I'd like to get it set up soon. I want to have plenty of time to get comfortable with the gun. Can you buy a solid pistol scope for under $200... or am I just going to have to buck up and pay the cash.

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    encore scope

    I have a Burris 2x7 on my Encore. I am shooting a 14" barrel with the 30/30. I put this all together several years ago. Don't remember exactly how much i paid for the scope, but I'm sure it was under $200 back then. It has probably been shot 100 times and never had a problem with it. Eric


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      Encore Scope

      A great deal of this information was captured in an earlier thread on handgun hunting.

      Personally, I'd recommend you find a Leupold 4X EER and install it with the Leupold Dual Dovetail base and rings.If purchased new on the web from say riflescopes.com, this will run around $400 delivered.

      If you haven't attempted to use an EER in the field, you will have a sharp learning curve.Less if you plan to dump a muley over the hood of a pick up in Wyoming...far more in the woods of MI.

      Keep in mind that when shooting an Encore or any other scoped handgun offhand, there is no reference point for your eye, the scope and the target other than your arms. This makes the process much more difficult than a shouldered rifle.
      Field of view even with a 4X is less than 1/3 of its rifle equivalent.So finding the target and maintaining it if the game is moving at all is vastly more difficult.Shooting off bags or a back pack prone at a totally stationary animal is a different story.

      Since your eye will be perhaps 20" to 24" from the rear lens, light transmission and target acquisition in low light is pathetic.This means some shots will be almost impossible under the same circumstances that any decent rifle scope could handle with ease.

      Under ideal conditions, a scoped Encore in 270 will do fine.At 4.5lbs field ready...with the probable need for a sling for carry, I'm not sure what you think you're gaining.


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        I went Burris

        I was debating on a 270 vs a 7MM-08 barrel for hunting antelope in Wyoming. I bought the 7MM and put a Burris 2x7 on it. I also have a 223 with a higher power Burris scope on it. I shopped around quite a bit and bought one for $271 for the silver version. I found a sweet deal on some BS website, but the scope wasn't in stock and I waited 1.5 months for one that didn't show up. I finally ordered one from Midway.

        I have several Burris scopes and a bunch of Leupolds. I would buy a Leupold for a high power varmint rifle or a serious big game rifle, but for pistols I've chosen the Burris for the value. I don't plan on making 500 yard shots on prairie dogs or using this pistol in extremely low light or dense timber. For open country antelope and mulies I would choose the cheaper Burris.


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          I have the same Leupold 4x scope as 7STW described, but I went with a detachable mount. My Encore is a .223 with a 12 inch barrel. The scope and set-up has served me well, and has been limited only by my initially poor marksmanship. It really is a different shooting experience. With practice I've slowly worked my way up to being a fair shot with it, but I'm still not what I would call good yet...especially when shooting off-hand.


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            7STW thank you for the information you provided. In response to your post, I think I'm "gaining" a challenge, and an oportunity to fine tune my hunting skills, something different, a reason to buy a new gun??. Just about anybody can take game with a rifle, that's why I also took up bow hunting 15 years ago... for the challenge. Be assured, I won't take to the field unless I am confident in my ablitities with this new handgun.


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              I have hunted strictly with a handgun for over 15 yrs now and have tried alot of pistol scopes. My current choice is the burris 2-7 power. I have a encore 7-08 with a 15" barrel. This barrel has over 2000 rounds thru it and the scope still is fine. By the way it is mounted with the Interlock rings (3) from E.A. Brown 1-800-950-9088.
              If you get a chance to check the fps of your 270 let me know. I am getting 140 gr. bullets to 2600 fps.
              The trick to hundgunning I think is getting a good rest. With a good rest I expect 200 yrd 5 shot groups to be under 4", often around the 3" area.
              I have used mine on deer, black bear, antelope, mountain lion, caribou,sheep. It worked great.


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                Tony, picked the gun up today, switched the grips to the synthetic instead of the walnut... gunshop forgot to pack the screws for the forearm so, I didn't get a chance to shoot today. I'll gladly let you know what I'm shooting fps, although I haven't yet taken up reloading, I'll be shooting factory ammo, 130's.


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