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  • Kimber 84M Trigger

    I would like to lighten the trigger on my sheep rifle (Kimber 84M) from a 4 lb to a 3 lb pull. I'd prefer to do it myself so as to avoid scope removal and lost time if I do send it back to the factory for adjustment as the manual requires. I am wondering if anyone can advise me on the correct procedure. The screw adjustments for sear contact and overtravel are easily accessed but I don't want to make any changes without some good advise. I am looking for a local smith to do the job but I haven't had any luck yet. Thanks!

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    A 4 pound trigger on a hunting rifle is way good as far as I'm concerned. Decreasing that by a mere 25% wouldn't be worth the effort to me. But then your trigger finger may have more feel than mine!

    I have talked to the folk at Kimber several times and they have always been good with advice. I'm betting that they would work with you on it.


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      Trigger pull

      A drop from 4# to 3# is a huge improvement. But you need a trigger gauge to measure what you are doing. I have adjusted all my Kimbers down to 3 or 2 3/4#. Look at your diagram in the manual. I rarely had to turn the trigger pull adjustment screw one revolution. Measure as you go. Once you are at 3#'s, put everything together and perform a safety test.
      If in doubt, get to a reputable gunsmith.
      Im my opinion, a decreased trigger pull has done more to shrink my groups than all the other rifle and reloading tweaking I have done. Good luck.


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        Thanks for the adbvice guys. Here's a quick update on the 84M 7mm-08 trigger. I found a local gunsmith to lighten the trigger to 3 lb and I am shooting it much better with the same factory Fed Premimum 140 gr Nosler Accubonds. I also found that resting the front of the gun much closer to the receiver resulted in smaller groups. I love this gun but these lightweights are less forgiving and don't hide poor shooting technique (like mine) as well as 7-8 lb rifles do. It is a dream to carry, handle, and shoot with very little recoil. I hope to do my part with it in September and my body will really appreciate the 1.5-2 lb weight savings over my Mod 70. In addition, when sighted in about 3 in high at 100 yds the 7mm-08 will only shoot 3 in lower at 400 yds than my trusty 270 WSM. Thanks Again.


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          Good Trigger=Great Groups

          In all my 36 years of careful reloading, nothing contributed to smaller groups more than a 3# trigger pull.


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