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  • Sauer 202 oppinions

    I was just checking out the sauer 202 and thought it looked like a really interesting rifle. I liked the quick chage barrel/caliber option. Any expereince with these rifles? Thanks

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    202 Impressions

    I've been shooting the 202 for several years. Own two, both sythetic.....375 H&H and the 30-06 in their lightweight model. While I own other rifles, I feel I can hunt anywhere in the world with these two and be in good shape. Both are very accurate and reliable. I particularly like the saftey on these guns, very handy and very quiet. They are not control round feed and I know this would rule them out for many (dangerous game) but I have hunted grizzly in northern B.C. and felt very comfortable, of course I've shot the ever liven .... out of the .375 to gain that trust. Anyway, I think the 202 is one of the best all around rifles out there, unfortunately due to importation, etc., they have gotten stupid expensive. Hope this helps. Matt


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      Nice rifle, but take the action from steel and not the aluminum one: thatīs no good especially when mounting the scope on it: the thread is easy to damage. I did one myself: since then I use torque wrenches for that job :-)
      And donīt plan to change barrels every day: That option is something for doing once or twice a year, not more. Better choice should be having two indipendent rifles, one with synthetic stock, one with wood and changing them maybe.

      Some nice equipment for the Sauer 202 is my new LED-Sight - just for your interest:

      Are the Sauer 202 realy that expensive in USA? Maybe You could give me some idea. Does someone knows good gunsmith who trade them in the US? I am trying to get some contacts.

      Best regards


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        @the bear: If You need more information about the 202, You could contact me via email...



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