I got my new Cabin Tree lead tester ( www.castingstuff.com ) in today .I should of got this a couple years ago .
This tester is better than sliced bread .
I have had about four different piles of pig lead that was given to me awhile ago that has been sitting on my casting bench for a long time .No way to test it unless I wanted to melt it down and cast a bullet and test it in my saeco tester ,that was not going to happen .
I tested all the questionable pig chunks in about 5 minutes .
I had everything from very hard to pure lead .
Here is a picture with a chunk of pig lead in it .
Let me also say that Jim sent this so fast I was not expecting it for another couple of days .

I will be casting again tonight .
I have 3,700 700 Grain Thumpers to make !!!!