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Surplus powder in Alaska

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  • Surplus powder in Alaska

    I'm moving to Delta Junction in Sept. from Colorado.
    I have some surplus military powder (WC860 and WC820) and want to bring it with. The moving company says no-no to flammable materials.
    How do I get it there?
    Is there a shipper that will truck it through Canada?
    Slow boat to China??

    How do sporting goods stores in AK get their powder?


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    surplus powder

    They have it shipped on the barge. I believe it is the only way to legally get it here. Can't be flown and can't be shipped across Canada.
    Good luck


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      Originally posted by sarge
      They have it shipped on the barge.
      Can I somehow specify things be shipped to me that route?



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        surplus powder

        I'm not sure how to go about it. I know you can have items barged in but that's all I know. You might try to contact one of the sporting goods stores in the area where you're moving and see if they can help. Unless you have a lot of powder it may not be worth the trouble. If I can find out more I'll let you know.
        Good Huntin


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          Shipping Gun Powder

          Gun Powder can only be shipped via truck within the lower 48 or within Alaska. It can be shipped via boat/ship/barge, but beware, whichever method you choose you will suffer the added expense of "Hazardous Material" fees. If you really need to ship your powder, the only folks to contact are the Coastal Transportation folks out of Seatle. Here is their web address: They are really good folks and can give you all the ins and outs and fees. They have several boats that routinely make trips to Alaska's many ports.


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            Out here in the Aleutians I use Coastal Transportation for my factory ammo and reloading components. I usually order from Kesselring Gun Shop which is about 90 miles north of Seattle. About one day after I order my shipment is at the Coastal facility in Seattle. About 8 to 10 days after that I have it in hand. Kesselring is very reasonable with their prices and Coastal usually charges me about $100 on most of my orders. Just picked one up today. 208 pounds and was charged just under $100. Coastal generally only serves the Alaska Peninsula and Aleutians. Sampson Tug and barge handles southeast and Horizon goes to Anchorage. You would need a freight forwarder to have your powder delivered inland unless you pick it up.


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              Bringing powder with

              Am I to understand that I can't bring my powder with me through Canada? I don't have much... about 6-8 lbs of commercial stuff.. And how 'bout my press and dies? I can ship that stuff but maybe I had better burn up my powder?
              I'm driving up soon..... (hopefully)...... and I don't want trouble at the big gate.......

              ciao ya'll

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                I believe the only thing you can't bring through canada is handguns. Check their customs website to be sure, but you should be ok with ammo, componets and reloading equipment.
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                  surplus powder

                  Canada, ammo in very limited supply and not handgun ammo (i believe) no primers or powder, classified as EXPLOSIVES. High cap magazines and ANYTHING that can be considered TACTICAL OR ASSAULT WEAPON. They are not nice people if they think you're trying to pull something.
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                    Official response...

                    I sent an email (at the bottom) to the feds in Canada. Here's their response:

                    -----Original Message-----
                    From: MMS, canmet-erd
                    Sent: Friday, July 14, 2006 6:58 AM
                    To: Glenn Reynolds
                    Subject: RE: Transporting gunpowder through Canada

                    Hello Mr Reynolds,

                    You may find a link to Bulletin 8 on our web site under publications that covers information on ammunition and importation. Here is part of section 16:

                    16. Any person may import for PERSONAL use and definitely NOT FOR RESALE, without an importation permit, the following maximum quantities:

                    4. Gunpowder (black powder) in canisters of 500 g or less and smokeless powder in canisters of 4000 g or less
                    .......................................... 8 kg

                    Also for the importation of ammunition:

                    In general, for personal use, non-residents can import 200 rounds duty free for hunting purposes, or up to 1500 rounds duty free for use at a recognized shooting competition. Non-residents who are moving from the United States and only passing through Canada (in transit) can bring up to 5000 rounds per shipment without paying duty/taxes or requiring an Importation Permit.

                    For details on the importation of firearms contact the Canadian Firearms Centre (1-800-731-4000) or the Canada Border Services Agency nearest you. Note that as a general rule, individuals are not allowed to carry handguns for self-protection in Canada.

                    Canadian Firearms Centre
                    Telephone: 1 800 731-4000 (Toll Free)
                    Web site:

                    Our web site is:


                    Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions

                    André-Marc Dallaire
                    Inspecteur des explosifs / Explosives Inspector
                    Division de la réglementation des explosifs / Explosives Regulatory Division
                    Ressources naturelles Canada / Natural Resources Canada
                    1431 chemin Merivale Rd,
                    Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0G1,
                    Tel: 613-941-3926 Fax: 613-948-5195

                    -----Original Message-----
                    From: Glenn Reynolds
                    Sent: 10 juillet 2006 15:53
                    To: MMS, canmet-erd
                    Subject: Transporting gunpowder through Canada

                    I am moving to Alaska from the lower 48 of the United States in September.
                    I will be driving my personal vehicle there. Can I transport gunpowder with
                    me in my vehicle as I pass through Canada?
                    Can you provide me with some internet links for information regarding this

                    Thank you for your help.

                    Glenn Reynolds

                    Sounds reasonable to me.


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