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    Murph, just about got my 9.3-64 F. N. done. Have got to get a scope for it and in staying with its history would like to use the Euro.quick detach rail mt that I see on some of the old sporting rifles. How do you know what to get, what will fit, how do they attach, tell me how Murph, I want to shoot this thing. Thanks

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    Brownells inc. Montezuma IA

    They can help you with your FN. is there web sight. You can shop on line. You can also click on "Gun Tech" on their hompage and email one of their techs concerning questions. They even have an 800 number on the hompage so you can actually talk to one of their techs. These techs deal with custom gun builders all the time and they have bailed me out several times over the years. Now this is just in case Murphy doesn't have the answer in his head cuz usually does! Ha!


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      FN Scope mounts


      I didn't mean to leave you hangin'. I only get about half the post to my edit account and completely missed this one.

      The old European mounts had the bases machined into the top of the receiver, usually from the double square blocks on ring and bridge. You probably have just a standard large ring FN, right? If all else fails you can use standard cheap Redfield two piece bases for the FN Mauser. (They fit better than Leupold) Then use standard Leupold rings. (I don't like upside down Redfield rings.)

      I do believe the claw mount bases are available and as EKC said Brownells is a place to start. You mentioned rail mount, that's the most common way to mount now in Europe but the rifle has a groove and the scope comes with the mount integral to it. When you order the scope you specify rail mount or U.S. mount. My son-in-law bought a Heym 7x64 over there and Ziess scope and had to special order the U.S. mount.

      I am very interested in this 9.3x64 as you know, but am now a little concerned with brass. Is RWS the only maker now? Have you seen this brass? How would you rate it for quality? Let me know how this works out.

      Good shootin'.

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