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    How do you like that Leupold 1.5-5 illuminated scope on your 375 H&H? And what distance did you sight your rifle in at with that scope? 50 yards?


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      Originally posted by Thebear_78 View Post
      I ran across a winchester classic stainless 300 win mag today at a local gun shop. It came with a 3-9x40 Burris Fullfield scope and was equiped with the boss. Walked away with everything for just over 7 bills. It was in pretty decent shape, no rust and the bore looked nice and clean. I picked up some 180gr federal classics to try it out with. 100 yard groups were hovering around the 1.25 range. It needs two things, a better synthetic stock, and a better scope. THe burris was pretty clear and seemed to hold zero ok, but the clicks were anything but consistant or repeatable. I'll probalby put the 3-12 black daimond on it or possibly a leupold VxII on it.

      In the end the classic 300 win mag won out because its what all my buddies use and we can swap ammo.
      Thanks for all the opinions.
      I have same rifle in 338Mag. Stock feels and looks likeyou know what,BUT...the rifle shoots great 1" to 1.5" with all factory stuff, Remington CoreLokt frequently does into 3 and 4 shot cloverleaf. Was thinking about a new stock but can't see the logic of changing what works?Your thoughts on the matter.


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        I am extremely impressed with this scope. I have it sighted 2.5" high at 100 yards right now. That puts it dead on at about 225 yards and just 7" low at 300. At 5x it is plenty precise for shots out past 300 yards. I don't think I could have come up with a better scope for this rifle, light, compact, super clear, durable, and quick target aquisition while still being precise for longer shots. The flip up peep is zeroed for 100 yards.

        As to stocks, I will be getting a better stock for this rifle one of these days. The cheap plastic stocks just aren't very durable and will all the falling I have been known to do wouldn't last a year. I used a hogue overmolded stock for a while this year but it just added to much weight, was extremely durable though, survived a tumble down a mountain that would have broken most stocks. Maybe with my tax return this year I'll get it done in a nice kevlar stock like most of my other rifles.


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          Have you thought about getting a McMillan stock? I got one on the way for my new 375 H&H.


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            shootin irons

            I wonder if your M-98 -06' would make a good rebarrel project to a 35 Whelen???

            I agree about the Houge rubberized stocks. I put one on a M-70 Win 30-06 and it really took a beating with no ill effects. Plus they are very easy to hang onto when your'e all wet and cold......
            The only other stock I liked more was an old MPI fiberglass stock on a M-70, 358 Norma Mag that I had built by Duncan Hunter back when he used to live near Palmer (20 years ago). He covered it with the same texture stuff they use in lining car trunks.

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              Its funny that you would mention it that was the sole intention I had when I bought the 98 06, I got it for a steal at a local pawn shop, after shooting it a few times I decided to keep it the way it was, it makes a great lightweight all around rifle, and is the one I usually loan out. I later found a decent older m70 winchester and had the redone to 35 whelen for a birthday/special hunt present for my father. I'm a really big fan of the 35 whelen and used to have a Ruger 77 MKII in the caliber. Great thump for an all around standard length action.


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                light weight stock

                My old man had one of those stocks put on his .338 by extreme rifle works and it's really nice to carry. Was thinking about one of those for my .338 RUM. Extreme rifle works also does some nice muzzle breaks as well as custom stuff.


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