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Anyone own a 243 WSSM?

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  • Anyone own a 243 WSSM?

    Just curious if there is any Alaskan's out there who own a rifle in this cartridge and what they like or dislike about it. I'm really tempted into buying one for plinking and, most importantly, some predator hunting this winter.

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    .243 revisited

    Matt, just out of curiosity, what would be wrong with a normal plain old .243 Winchester? I mean, this is, in my book, a magnificent long range varmint cartridge, and I have seen people make honest 400+ yard shots on coyotes and bobcat with relative ease with it. Made a couple myself before I got bored with the business. Is it the shortest possible action thing you are looking for or just something new? Not trying to rag on you, just trying to understand. The nice thing is, the .243 up here is generally not a highly popular cartridge, so you can find some excellent deals on them. Makes a hell of a deer rifle too with the right bullet and weight, but that's common knowledge.


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      I like mine

      I bought a model 70 featherweight in January. I have only shot it a couple times but really like it. It is a lot easier on the shoulder than my .300 winmag! I havn't shot it past 100 yards yet, but hope to soon. I live in Achorage. If you want to check it out sometime let me know. Seems to be a flat and accurate shooter and can double as a light deer gun/heavy varmit gun.



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