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  • Mod 70 SS 375 H&H

    I have been looking for a 375 H&H and today a friend of mine told me he had a nib he would sell to me. It's the classic w/ CRF and plastic stock. What do you guys think about this rifle for alaska, and I have no Idea what it's worth since Win d/ced the mod 70 and prices started rising.
    DR B

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    It would be a great rifle for Alaska as long as you can handle the caliber. As far as what it is worth, I don't know, I've seen them for over $1000.00 already.


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      I used to own that same rifle. I'm still kicking myself in the rearend for getting rid of it. I'm trying to find another one now, actually, but I'm not going to get the shaft for paying for one when I know that Winchester rifles will be back in production; it's just a matter of time.

      But, if I was you and the price wasn't through the roof on that rifle, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.


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        375H&H recoil

        He wants $1200 do you think that is through the roof?

        Bill S
        I was out with a friend the other day he had a light 30-06 and a Rem 700 375H&H it was the old Safari model with the wooden stock and rosewood tip. Any way with factory loads in each the '06 seamed to kicked harder than the 375H&H. I know that sounds fishy but the prcived recoil was greater in the '06.
        DR B


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          Dr B

          I don't think $1200 is a bad price. Go to and you'll get a pretty good idea high some of these guns are going for.

          I noticed a Winchester mod 70 in 375 on there a week or so ago. It was the wood stock blue version. It was listed at a little over $1900. My thought was who would be crazy enought to spend that much. Well it didn't last long even at that price.

          In the event that some one picks up the Winchester patent they will undoubtedly be made over seas. I would think that the original USA Winchesters would hold their value. Kind of like the pre 64's did to a lesser extent! I say go for it!


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            I agree that the 30.06 can seem to recoil more than the .375. My .375 pushes hard instead of the sharper recoil of some other calibers. Ssome people are just more sensitive to recoil than others and a box of .375s off the bench will get your attention. I almost bought that same rifle a couple years ago but since I already have two .375s I couldn't justify the expense at the time. At this moment in time, $1200 seems to be reasonable.


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              $1200 ain't too bad of a price for that rifle. I bet you could talk him a down a little.


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                I have a used one thats blued with a synthetic stock that I basically paid $800 for but I looked at many before getting this one. At $1200, thats a fairly reasonable price for nib s/s model 70. Most others are charging upwards of $1500 or more.


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                  I own two Win Mod 70's with synthetic stocks & SS barreled actions. One in 375HH and one in 338WM. I live on the shore of Chignik bay and many times the rifles are in open skiffs. They have held up real well with no problems. This is in contrast to my Rem M700 SS that had a frozen extractor. I think these rifles are worth the $1200 range also.


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                    I've seen them for over 1700.00 and they don't last long even at that price. I had a guy over me 1300.00 for mine used w/scope and ammo. NOT
                    Good Huntin


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                      $1200.00 is fine if you don't mind bending over. Why would you pay $1200.00 for a rifle that cost $675 at dealer cost when they were available and had a suggested retail of roughly $850? The new Model 70's aren't that good to begin with so why add fuel to the fire by helping to falsely inflate the prices? If you want to pay $1200.00 for a 375 H&H buy a Sako, better quality to begin with. You could also probably find a Ruger Model 77 RSM in the $1200.00.


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