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    Been thinking about an '06 for a while, not having one. With my bones, I can't shoot heavy calibers anymore, but a 30-06 would be fine. Stopped at one of my favorite shops in Anchorage and found a sweetheart. One of the old J.C. Higgins commercial FN Mauser actioned rifles, but this one has a very nice "classic" style custom stock that is worth a bit more then the barreled action. The bore is perfect and the gun comes up to my shoulder like a fine fitted shotgun. The stick has beautiful feathered grain, excellent hand checkering and a steel gripcap, which is a classy touch. The gun was underpriced, which was a good thing, so that I could buy it. I want to take it out next spring for a black bear hunt in the bluff country above the head of Kachemak Bay, my old stomping grounds. I know a south facing slope that ALWAYS has a selection of blackies and an occasional brown bear to chose from, but I want the meat for munching, so a blackie it will be. I hope you all find such good deals as time goes by. Thanks

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    found one myself last Oct. in Fbks. not the "classic" but the plain jane. It was rechambered in the .30-338 and cannot say enough of how much I favor it as well. I had the pleasure of rebuilding it as one can say and now looks and shoots like a champ. Good for you-they are a fine rifle.



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      Camo tape

      Glad to hear your Rifle fits you well!To me its very important and I don't get on well with American style stocks,most of my Rifles are European.I have a beautiful old Bruno (CZ) that I bought when 17,its on its second barrell these days and as I'm only twenty seven shows you how much I've fired it.What attracted me to it first off was the loverly grain in the stock,back in the 60's I was told that Brno sourced its wood from Turkey.I've often wrapped it up in either Camo tape,(cheapest) or black tape(available).Its looks a bit club like but the animals don't seem to mind.Happy shooting mate.


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        FN's and open hill tops..

        I too, like the old commercial FN Mauser rifles. I have a couple. Both in the old deluxe action with left side wing safety and the old simple Mauser tigger, a little creep but a predictable break. The '06 is a light weight with no holes drilled in the top but with good bead front and fixed rear with two flip ups for 200 and 300. It's slim 24 inch barrel and short smooth rounded forend make for a nice looking rifle. The 7x57 is a vrtual duplicate but with a slight red tint to the stock finnish. Both are stocked with drop enough for the iron sights and in french walnut. Both were made in 1950-1951 era, before FN went to the 300 Supreme action with the tang safety and Sako trigger.

        Simple and rugged hunting rifles from a time when hunting meant something more than just running out with all the equipment we can carry and tagging a big one at great distance. Back when a man walked into the fields with but a good rifle, a good knife and a desire to commune with the natural world. He would out-smart his quarry on their on ground, close the distance, and make the shot.

        I still enjoy a simple hunt without powerful scopes, lasers or magnum calibers. I long for another hunt when I can once again sit a ridgetop that overlooks an open basin and watch elk come out of the timber to feed. I'll cradle an old ironsighted Mauser or pre-64 in a sensable caliber and enjoy the mountain and the majesty of the landscape. I'll wait and watch until the moment when I can once again, make the shot. I will take what is provided for me. Sustenance for my self and my family. And I will be thankful once again for my course in life, my Country and my Freedom.

        Happy Independance day! Good shootin'.

        Is there nothing so sacred on this earth that you aren't willing to kill or die for?


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          On the Hunt

          I shall sing my hunting song
          when my stealth and craft in the trees
          allows me to cleanly bring down
          the source of life I shall take nourishment from

          Never a farmer in my heart

          Head to high timber
          knowing where your feet should go



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            Good Ol' FN mausers

            I was very fortunate to inherit a .270 from my uncle. It is a pre WW 2 with a medium weight barrel. It is a factory sporter but has a step in the barrel o.d. ie, military. It has the left wing safety, the FN crest on the receiver ring, a beaurifully checkered straight grained blonde walnut stock (very dense and hard). Came equiped with (I think) a Redfield #48 receiver sight. You remove the slide by just mashing a button. He eventually added a Redfield 2-7 variable scope in Redfield mount. The rifle is a little heavy but will keep them under an inch all day long. It is my constant companion during deer season.


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