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    How do we get to information in the achrives for the old website..thanks Ronnie

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    Getting back to the old forums

    Originally posted by Ronnie
    How do we get to information in the achrives for the old website..thanks Ronnie
    I've just been chewing on that, too, and for now, I have a link added across the top that says "old forums." It will appear on most pages on these forums.

    We'll spiff this up as we go along.



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      Old forums

      Thanks David from time to time I use these old posts for their great information value....Ronnie


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        old posts and new forum...


        I agree with Ronnie. I too, as I imagine many others, use the old posts as a repository for info.

        If you ever decide to totally get rid of the old archives, or cull them some, maybe you could offer the archive as a file we could download for posterity???

        Thanks for the improvements, but I take a while to warm to something new and I am still missing the old style forum!!!


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          Keeping the old (new)

          Hello David and others... concerning maintenance and uncomplicated/useful access to the old forum in the easy to find (on) mode.

          If you make a decision to dump the old --- It would be a convincingly temporary trouncing of link popularity (dead or dying positioned links) in addition to major losses (litterally years) of existent & priceless content recognition... in effect big-time site popularity slayer for the outdoorsdirectory website involving major search engines. In my webmastering estimation (pretty first-rate foresight far more often than not – true indeed but also ha! with good luck and timing) it would be unwise not to refurbish the old standout forum a few times a year for web bots meanwhile having user-friendly, easy track backs to the (content-rich) roots of what has made this site a consistent gem find web-wide.

          Guess the easiest explanation is that whether or not the old forum is downgraded from a right of way bait station to a backdrop bird feeder it still corresponds to the chow cooking on this website and the outdoorsdirectory site with all its connections as a sum total.


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            In with the old, In with the new!


            Dunno if this is what you were asking, but...

            The plan is to keep the old stuff as searchable archives. The crawlers will still pick it up, but there were some issues with the way that was happening before. This is one of the things that was slowing the whole thing down. Anyway, there's a lot of valuable content there that David has no intention of tossing! It will be here as long as it can survive. I don't know about anyone else, but there's NO WAY I'm going to re-write the stuff I already spent so much time on!

            As to the new digs, he's setting that up so the forums will be found by the bots (and therefore by new users). Naturally, it will take a little time for this to happen, HOWEVER...

            As I write these words, we have 15 guests viewing this forum... where did these folks come from? Probably found us through Google, for the most part. So it is working already. I'll give him this; David has a pretty smart team working on this and has managed to consistently come up in the top rankings. That and the content is what has made this website the single largest site on the entire net that's focused on Alaska hunting and fishing. May it ever be!

            Of course, what makes the whole thing work is folks writing in and sharing what they know with other people. It's quite a community, and growing every day. I think the changes were exactly the right thing, at the right time. There's been a few bumps in the road (we lost a few posts today), but it's growing pains. I think we'll see some serious growth now, which is good news for all of us, posters, researchers, advertiser, etc!

            Michael Strahan
            Site Owner
            Alaska Hunt Consultant
            1 (406) 662-1791


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              Plans are to keep them...

              Brian, our plan is to keep the old forums. We're working now on changing the template in which the forum messages are placed.

              The website is serving around 100,000 page views per day now. Most of the visitation is going to the forums, just simply because of the huge amount of information contained within them.

              These forums will eventually be as useful; it will just take time for the search engines to catalog the content.



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