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  • Storage in plastic/ Bianchi blue bags

    Bianchi used to market heavy plastic blue zip lock bags that had a corrosion inhibitor coating on the inside. They were guaranteed to work for two years after manufacture, but Bianchi would replace them for a “handling“ fee. For years as I moved around with the Navy I used them to ship/ store my fire arms. Never had a problem despite my shipments being exposed to some rough conditions that wrecked other stuff. Every couple of years I would mail the old ones in for replacements. Bianchi quit making them in the late 90s so the last “replacement” bags I got were older than the ones I mailed in. I called them and they said the coating was actually good for two years after being exposed to open air circulation and if kept closed, would last indefinitely. After retiring here I haven’t bothered to replace they bags and am now out of the window where replacement is allowed (much to the relief of Bianchi I’m sure).

    Sooooo… My questions to everyone are: Are my remaining bags likely still good? Did the story Bianchi told me make sense. Can I use the bags but put corrosion inhibitor paper or chips in them? Does one inhibitor type ruin another type? And any other comments on the subject of storing in plastic with corrosion inhibitor.


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    rust prevention

    This is a bit off subject. I would look into the sock up stlye gun storage bags. Some of them are quiet thick and have corrosion preventitive chemicals impregnated into the fabric. I recently saw some on Cabelas. At go to Hunting, then gun storage, gun cases, and it was at the bottom. Just something to compare against anyway. Never heard of plastic storage for guns and since they quit making them, it may be an item that you will never find again. There could be a reason they wont make them also.
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      thanks, but

      Brownells still makes both bags and chips/ paper to go in them. I just don't want to buy new stuff if I don't have to. The socks will not keep water etc off like the bags.


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