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  • Wet Bullets

    I had two speed loaders full of 44 mags get wet this weekend. I dried them out when I got back to the camper. My question is are the bullets still good or is there a chance these rounds will fail when I need the most?

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    wet lead

    I never clean out my pockets before they go in the washing machine and if I had a dollar for every 44 ,22, 06 shell that was washed I'd be rich. And I have never had problem with them shooting after. The back of the primer is water tight and so is the bullet. So don't worry about it. Horse


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      watergremlin, my personal take on this is that "live" ammo should always be counted on. If for any reason you are in doubt use them for practice and load some "fresh" ammo that you can count you're life on. just my .02



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        Water gremlin

        Ammo is cheap so do not mix it with your good ammo.
        I also have ran ammo through the washer and have shot them with no problem at all .
        I did not put them in the same box as my reloaded ammo . They went into a box to be used at the range .

        Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
        Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!

        USS SARATOGA CV-60



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          Wet Loads


          I've soaked ammo in salt water and never had a failed or squib because of it. But ammo is cheap, if there is any doubt, shoot it at paper. I only carry fresh ammo when on guard or afield. Throw the used (carried) stuff in a box for the range. Good shootin'.


          R/R, I like your quote, ditto.
          Is there nothing so sacred on this earth that you aren't willing to kill or die for?


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            Cheap Ammo

            The rounds I soaked where my expensive bear stoppers for my 329. I was crossing a creek in my neoprenes and accidentaly stepped into a deep hole. My pistol didnt get wet but the bullets in my two speed loaders dipped below the water surface.

            With my older 44 mag, I dont want to reveal the brand because I was told "friends dont let friends buy Taurus," (LOL J/K) but I loaded it with solid bronze bullets from Boonies. I forgot the brand name and bullet weight. I never used them in my 329 because I didnt know how they would effect the scandium/titanium material, but would they cause damage to my 329? I have a whole box sitting on the shelf.


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              you can always "pull" the bullets and reload them.


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                How "wet" is "wet"

                Fire one and see.... odds are the rest are ok.... it is the long term humidity that harms rounds as plain water is too viscous to leak through very small spaces, but humid air can creep into rounds.

                Ever seen a balloon filled with water sweat? Hardly, but the air leaks out over time.

                I also like the idea of pulling one bullet and seeing inside... doubt any water got in.


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                  wet ammo

                  I guess I'm in the camp of- put those in the range box and put fresh in the loaders and gun. It's probably a good idea to do that anyway, once in a while, with defense type ammo. Depending on how the stuff was originally loaded, there's a good a chance that the primers would be affected by the water before the powder. BUT, the chances are greatest that nothing happened and the ammo is just fine- it's the unknown that would bother me.


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                    Wet ammo

                    Here in Southeast Alaska our ammo is always wet. I wouldn't worry about it. If it had been salt water I would have cleaned and dryed them very carefully. Don't use any aerosol products on them, they will kill your primers. Jim


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                      Factory or Reloads?

                      WG, I don't know if these are factory or reloaded shells. The factory shells are sealed pretty well, 99.99% certain they didn't even know they got wet. If the .01% chance leftover bothers you, head for the range by the airport, and stop by Boonies on the way. You need more practice with the 329 and you have much younger wrists than I do! :-)
                      There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.:eek:


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                        I think I will take my chances and continue to carry these rounds. Hey, what good is a pistol against bigum bruin's anyways right? I am being sarcastic here.

                        My friend, who doesnt shoot much at all, wanted to try 6 240gr. Remington factory rounds with my 329. I told him to hold on because the bugger kicks. He was kind of scared at first but he eventually pulled the trigger on one round. He turned to me and said, "What the @#$# are you talking about, this pistol isnt that bad." Then he fired the remaining 5.


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