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Winchester Service on New Haven models

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  • Winchester Service on New Haven models

    Just talked with Winchester Service department about my Mod 70 Coyote Lite in .325 WSM.
    They informed me that they have enough parts to service all models that were made at the New Haven plant for another 8 1/2 years.

    Just so you all know.

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    Thanks Piggy!

    Hey Piggy,

    thanks for the heads up on that! My '06 may need a part or two. Hopefully by the time that 8 1/2 yrs. are up, someone else will have bought the patents and gotten the ball rolling again.

    I must say though, with Ruger making CRF 77s and Kimber making long action 8400s including the .338 WM and now Sako has a gorgeous model 85 with "American" style stock and CRF, Winchester's stock (so to speak) has probably gone down. If another company were to pick up the brand, I think they'll need to make sure quality is top notch and listen to the customers and give them what they want!

    Just my humble opinion, FWIW!



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      Winchester parts

      I faxed off a order for a 1 piece floor plate / trigger guard set up about 10 days ago to the parts place in Ut. They charged my CC so I assume they are in the mail. I'm converting my Classic SS over to the the Dura Touch stock.



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