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18” barreled 30-06

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  • 18” barreled 30-06

    Thinking about cutting down a 30-06 that I have to 18” and then attaching a suppressor. Anyone have any real life experience with a 18” 30-06. I would more then likely be shooting 165 to 180gr bullets.

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    You will definitely lose some velocity. The optimum barrel length for a 30-06 is around 22 inches. However the velocity lost wont be that much....around 25-30 fps loss for every inch under 22 inches So your only talking a little over 100 fps. Most critters will never know the difference. Make sure that it is a gun that you want to keep because it will kill the resale value of your gun! One of my all time favorite hunting rifles was a 308 model 7 with a 18.5 inch barrel so I do see where you are coming from. Plus putting a can on an already long barrel makes for a cumbersome rifle. I'd do it!


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      I have a Remington 742 Carbine with an 18” tube and it looks like a flamethrower when shot. I wouldn’t go less then 20” and Elmer is right that 22” is better.


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        18"06 will be hard on your can too. You'll get about the same performance with a .308 that length and the suppressor will perform better with less gas to deal with. I used to have a 16" AR 10 with an AAC that shot very well but had problems with that to do with the blast inside the can. Still have the supersonic crack unless you use subs. Call your suppressor manufacturer and get their recommendations.
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