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308 vs 7.62

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  • 308 vs 7.62

    For several years I have been shooting off the shelf 308 ammo in my Sig 716 patrol rifle. Afew days ago on the range I was told that my gun would probably rupture/fail if I kept doing this. What gives? Try finding 7.62 NATO ammo locally. Is this true?
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    The best way to be super safe and conservative way would be to only shoot the ammo that is stamped on the barrel. You probably already know that the 5.56 ammo is much hotter (higher pressure load at a higher velocity) than .223, so a barrel stamped 5.56 NATO will shoot .223 handily, but not so much the other way. It's bigger cousin the 7.62x51 tends to be less hot than .308, the difference being the brass of a 7.62x51 is thicker and the chambers tend to be a touch looser than in .308 brass. So a thinner skinned .308 brass loaded to a higher pressure in a looser 7.62 chamber could end up not being a good thing if the case ruptures. Having said that, I only shoot 150 gr ammo either .308 or 7.62 in an auto loader. If I want to shoot 180 gr or above I switch to a bolt gun. Let the hating begin! Lol!!


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      "The actual pressure differences between arenít all that largeóa 62,000 psi limit for the .308 Win. and 60,200 psi for the 7.62 NATOóbut itís enough to be concerned with; a tight chamber, or an overly dirty chamber could pose a pressure issue. No one wants to damage a firearm, and we certainly donít ever want to see anyone hurt; so keep the golden rule in mind: a .308 Win. chamber can handle both .308 Win. and 7.62 NATO ammo safely, but if your rifle is marked for 7.62 NATO ammo, itís best to use only that."
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        I've been running 7.62 NATO through my Springfield M1A for years. Actually just checked what the barrel marking is but I think it is hidden under the under the hand guard.

        7.62 NATO used to be easy to get as milsurp and much cheaper than commercial brands. The stuff with the cross marked on the bottom meets NATO standard. However there are other good foreign sources like South African. Gun shows were good places to buy it in large quantities. I haven't tried to buy any in a long time because I still have a lot.

        OP, I suggest contacting the manufacturer about what ammo to use.


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          Your SIG is chambered for 7.62x51...shoot either .308 or 7.62 and enjoy.

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            Thanks for the info.
            My child was inmate of the month at Mat-Su pre-trial Correctional facility.


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              Found it in the manual page 21, "The rifle is chambered in 7.62 x 51mm NATO and is compatible with .308 Winchester ammunition."
              My child was inmate of the month at Mat-Su pre-trial Correctional facility.


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                You've been shooting it for several years, and now , all of the sudden, a problem will develop that'll blow up your gun?
                Then found (and read) the manual - I think you answered your own question.


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                  Always good to read the owners manual, many would be surprised at what information is in there. I email the manufacture to confirm what ammo to use, what grain or manufacture they prefer and test with and then save it just in case. As been said, most say up to and including 175gr for a gasser with the 160 range of bullet preferred. Superperformance is a no go!

                  Many ARs are now coming stamped multi caliber Vs 5.56 with Wylde, Lake City, etc chambers for both, even 7.62 / 308 are stamped multi caliber to shoot both. My heavy barrel AR is stamped 223 and according to the manufacture, shoot only quality 223.


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