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Ester area shooting range?

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  • Ester area shooting range?

    Iíve lived in Salcha with my own ranges for 11 years and now sold my house and bought out near Ester. My daughter and I want to go shooting this weekend and we wondered if there is an area near us to shoot. We went to S Cushman a few weeks ago and had a bad experience with a couple really intelligent humans! So we do not want to go there again. Hoping for something close to home (Ester area). Please Please PM us if you know of a place. Thank you!

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    You have, to the best of my knowledge, moved to an area with no convenient range. My advice is to only go to the Borough Range early on weekday mornings. NEVER on weekends, or after 12 noon.
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      Have been using the S. Cushman range since 2012. Haven't had any real problems there. Like gunbugs said, early a.m. and weekdays. We are into the pre hunting season so the range is more busy than other times. Like when hunting, wearing bright orange might be a good idea. Don,t give up on that range so soon. Only other range is on Chena Hot Springs rd. It is less user friendly.
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