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    April 23rd. JBER Range. Come Shoot
    See Alaska Rifle Club - 40 round Evening Mid-Range Prone/F-Class Approved Tournaments Dates: Tuesday, APRIL23

    Location: Pedneau Range, Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson, Alaska
    Directions: Traveling North from Anchorage exit the Glenn Highway at JBER-Richardson exit, turn right at top of ramp, immediately turn left at gate onto Frontage Road, go 2 miles and turn right onto the gravel road at the Small Arms Range Complex sign, turn right at Y and follow the signs to Pedneau Range (first range on left).

    Contact: Alaska Rifle Club, PO Box 672197, Chugiak, AK 99567-2197 Tim Silvers 907-250-3374 or by e-mail,

    Rules: Current NRA High Power rules will govern. Open Bolt Indicator, Hearing and Eye Protection are required! Eligibility: Open to any ARC member. One-day memberships ($5.00) are available for out of town competitors.

    Pre-Register: ALL competitors are required to pre-register beginning 2 weeks prior to the match, on the clubs’ website. . Walk-on participants may register on a space available, first come, first served basis.

    Capacity: Maximum competitors: 60
    Fees: Tournament Fee: $20. (Includes NRA fee of $4.50. Shooters under 18 are free)
    Entries Due: 05:00 PM – 5:30 PM Start Times: Firing commences. 06:00 PM

    Squadding: Squadding assignment for individual matches will be issued during registration.

    Classification The NRA Mid-Range Prone Classifications will apply. Unclassified competitors will compete in the Master Class. Assigned Classification (Rule 19.6), or Temporary Classification (Rule 19.2), may be used.

    Targets: 600 yard MR-1 target.
    Competitors will be required to pull targets for other competitors.
    Rifles: Mid-Range Prone: Service Rifle (Rule 3.1), Any Rifle (Rule 3.2), NRA Match Rifle (Rule 3.3) Palma Rifle (Rule 3.3.1), or NRA Mid-Range (Prone) Tactical Rifle (AR) (PROVISIONAL – Rule 3.3.3) F-Class: F-Class Open Rifle (F-O) (Rule 3.4(a)), F-Class Target Rifle (F-TR) (Rule 3.4(b)).

    Match A: Two sighting shots and 20 shots for record in 22 minutes prone slow fire at 600 yards MR-1 target.

    Match B: Two sighting shots and 20 shots for record in 22 minutes prone slow fire at 600 yards MR-1 target.

    Match C: Will consist of an aggregate of the two matches above. Classes: NRA Mid-Range Prone Classifications will apply.
    Classifications in the aggregate match (C) will be the same as the fired matches.

    F-Class F-Class shooters will fire the same course as the HP Mid-Range shooters, only they will use the F-Class targets at each distance and will fire either F-TR or F-Open with a Mid-Range classification against other F-Class shooters only, and Rule 22 - F-CLASS RIFLE RULES will apply for them.

    Awards: There must be 5 or more entries in a class or category for one award, 8 or more for two awards; and 13 or more for three awards. Awards are paid by check mailed at end of season. 1st = $8, 2nd =$5, 3rd = $3

    Open Awards: Winners in Match A through C separately awarded for Categories: Mid-Range Prone and F-Class Class Awards: Winners of Open Awards may not win a class award. High Scoring Competitor in each class will be awarded for each match as follows: If there are fewer than 5 High Masters entered in a category, they must fire for open awards only. The High Master Class may not be combined with the Master Class. If there are fewer than the required number of entries in a class to provide awards, they will be combined with the next higher class in the same category. If there are still fewer than 5 entries after combining all Marksman through Master categories of a class, there will be no class awards provided in that category.

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    Next Tuesday 28 May 5pm. Pedneau range JBER. 600 yards. Come shoot!


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      JBER Pedneau range June 08/09 come shoot


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        Summer solstice match next! Come shoot


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          15 June

          Originally posted by astroturf3040 View Post
          JBER Pedneau range June 08/09 come shoot
          09 June range secured rescheduled to Saturday 15 June JBER Pedneau range


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