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444 Marlin in a 410 shotgun!!!

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    Originally posted by elmerkeithclone View Post
    Small firing pin and firing pin hole for rifles....fat firing pin and big pin hole for shotguns!

    I got to look at the gun today and I think what happened is that it busted the extractor off and when he opened the gun that broken extractor fell down inside where the lock up lug is. Then when he slammed it shut that broken extractor got in where it shouldn't have and bound the gun up. It will open a little so it isn't the firing pin holding it.

    The bead is gone and there is copper galore in the muzzle. I would imagine that as subsequent rounds were fired each laying down another layer of copper in that full choke the pressure was increasing with each shot.

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    Albert also put a thirty five pound boar racoon in his trunk that wasn't dead. When he got home it had torn all of the tail/brake light wiring plumb out of the trunk.

    Albert's been married three times....same women twice, her sister once and they all three still live in the same house with a half a dozen rug rats that pee in the street in the middle of town. You have to go south about three states before any of that crap is ok!

    They say it takes all kinds to make the world go around. Whoever said that ain't never met Albert.
    That's wayyy South of Missouri.

    I just wanted to remind you.

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