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  • 7600 9.3x62

    What is your guys take on this possibility from the .35 Whelan to the 9.3x62? I can get Jim Dubell to do the rebore if this barrel can take the boring. It has the possibility of being quite the pump. Case dimension don't seem to vary that great from each other so feeding should not be a problem. The 7600 seems to have a better built bolt apart from the older 760. Seems like it should work. Ideas? The clip should take the rounds and work.


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    Pump Nine Three

    I really like the 9.3 so I think its a go. The cartridge will fit, I'm sure and will hit a little harder than the 250's in the Whelen but would be so unique as to be a novelty. I'm not crazy about a pump gun but, if you want something different and don't mind the cost, it would certainly be the right power range. The 9.3x62 is a very efficient round. It hits so hard with so little powder and recoil. I'm trying to buy one now, an old large ring Husky. I've owned many of them but can't seem to hang on to them. Someday I'll learn.

    What does it cost to re bore, or recut and rechamber a barrel these days? How much can they recut in the rifling? I have a 35 whelen Ackley improved I'd like to make into a 400 Whelen. 300 grains at 2400 fps, that should work for moose, huh! Good shootin'.

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      Murphy the person that bought Cliff LaBounty's boring equipment is up and running. I had CVliff do a couple ofrebores for me when he was doing them. This new person is supposed to have worked for Cliff at one time.


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        Unfortunatley the 35 bore is so close to 9.3mm, ie 0.358" dia vs 0.366" dia, that you don't have enough metal to clean up to make a 9.3mm. The better option would be to start with an -06, provide the muzzle dia is large enough.
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          La Bonte and 9.3

          I have a Ruger No. 1 in 470 NE from Hamilton Bowen that used La Bonte for the reborng of the 458 Win Mag. If the guy knows what he is doing... this is a good thing. As for Whelen to 9.3.... not worth it... they are so close... no need to go 9.3. I am uncertain as to barrel thickness for .30-06.... best consider a new barrel... save the Whelen for backup.

          It is a shame Bowen moved out of Ruger No. 1 ..... He keep mine for a long time until the bluing was just right... long time, but great work and very, very dedicated craftsman.


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            good and logical pointers - thanks.


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