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  • AKWannabe
    Rem. Premier A-Frame


    I know Remington loads Swift A-Frames in their Premier A-Frame line of ammo. .338 WM is one of the cartridges that is in that lineup. The only weight available though is 225 gr. Rem. also has a Premier Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded in 225 gr.

    Looking at the online catalog for Federal Premium, they offer in 225 gr.; Nosler Accubond, Trophy Bonded Bear Claw and Barnes Triple Shock X. They also offer the 250 gr. Nosler Partition in Standard velocity and High Energy versions.

    It seems there isn't yet a XP3 loaded cartridge in the Winchester Supreme Elite line in .338 WM. What they do have is a 230 gr. Fail Safe Supreme load and a 225 gr. Accubond CT (moly coated), as well as a Partition Gold (also moly coated) load.

    I'm rather surprised to see that 225 gr. is the most prevalent. To me, the whole reason to go with a .338 is to be able to use 250 gr. bullets. Definitely makes rolling your own all the more sensible.


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  • grizz106
    Your in a dilemma fer sure if you do not reload. Being subjected to a high dollar investment makes for limited shooting. Still yet either the Partitions or the Swift and you can buy em both at any good sporting good store is still a good bullet nonetheless.
    Partitons as Murph put don't hold up all that well in close. I have not chrono'd the factory over the counter Partitions but I tend to reload the 250's approx. 2600fps. The Swifts I have used in most calibers tend to always hold together-remarkable bullet! I still have a fondness for Barnes as they shoot very well and do a kill quickly. I am not bothered by cleaning the bore as most are just gives me something to do when there is spare time. Besides it helps me to think about the next investment for the rifle at hand-if any.
    Again, nothing wrong with your selection-they should be working just fine,correct? Reload when you get your mind made up-pure joy. There are other makers of fine bullets that you can try if you "roll your own"-NorthForks are supposedly the best. Thus far the Swifts and the Barnes and an occasional Partition suit me just fine.


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  • Murphy
    338 Ammo


    I don't buy very much factory ammo but any 338 WM ammo with 250 grain Swift A-frame bullets would be my first choice for moose, if I didn't make my own.

    A big moose has very strong, thick bones and needs a good bullet. I love the Partition but this is one of those times when I would pick the A-frame over the Partition. 250 grain bullets are about 2700-2750 fps and that's pretty good velocity so the potential is there for a bullet to expand too quickly for the Partition or one of the other lighter constructed bullets. The A-frames expand on moose carcass and get the job done quickly from a 338, so that's the way I would go.

    I don't like the copper fouling associated with the solid copper bullets either and prefer to use Swift, Kodiak or Nosler. Hope this helps, good shootin'.


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  • whateveri8
    Federal Premium .338 Winchester Magnum Rifle Ammunition
    VITAL-SHOK 250gr bullet wt.
    It's reliable, easy to find on the shelf, and reasonably priced. All the Ballistic Statistics are on the box.

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  • norm miller
    started a topic .338WM Ammo

    .338WM Ammo

    Have used Nosler Part.'s 250gr. bullet in my .338 for awhile, am wondering if there would be a better recommendation for moose hunting. Concerned about the all copper bullets fouling,and with all the premium ammo on the market nowa days.I do not re-load yet, I shoot fact. ammo.Any advice or recomendation would be appreciated.

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