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  • Got a new one!

    I just got back from Cabelies. With the new adition to the family. Sunday I was shooting my Weatherby .338 and it failed to feed a shell right. That was the second time it has done that. That did it for me! I just traded it in on a new Remington 700 BDL Stainles/Sythetic .338 Win Mag. Yes I know push feed blah blah but I have shot then for over 30 years and have never had one fail to feed. Maybe if I hung upside down from a tree. Anyway, I just feel SO much better have a rifle in my hands I know I can trust. Cant wait to shoot it.

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    Big Tex,

    I agree with you on changing out rifles. " If you can't trust your tools to work, replace them."
    Although I'm a die hard Mauser fan, There's nothing wrong with the R-700 action.
    Police and Military have used this action for years. There are all kinds of stuff available to really "trick out" an R-700 and get it as outfitted as you like.

    Curiosity draws me to ask what was the symptoms of the feed problems, and the Model of WBY?

    example: Would the feed rails turn the round off center to the right and get the lip of the round hung up on the grove made for the extractor edge in the barrel?
    God, Guns and Guts is what made America Great


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      Good to go

      Big Tex,

      sounds like a good trade. I've never had a problem with any of my 700s, course I never hunted with them in near or below zero temps with snow and ice freezing up in the trigger assembly.

      I've always had great accuracy from 700s too.


      like your new avatar!



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        New gun tested

        I shot it yesterday and loved it. It just felt good. Not through playing with it yet to find best load.
        The Weatherby )Vanguard) would kick the base of the shell to the right which would make the bolt close on the side of the case. You would hear a pop and it would kick out.
        Also shot my Rem mountain rifle in 7mm-08. It shoots better every time I shoot it. This time I shot it 5 times and you could cover them with a nickle. Gotta love that.


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