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Gunshop/armory that would store my weapons....

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  • Gunshop/armory that would store my weapons....

    Am relocating to the Anchorage area and over the course of the next few months I'll be making several flights between here (Oregon) to there (Anchorage). My plan is to transport a weapon or two and my allotted ammo amount on each trip I make back to Anchorage. My foreseeable problem is securing these items while I'm away from the hotel working and during my travels back and forth until a safe can be bought and a house to store it in can be acquired.

    Is there a place that would rent space in their safe for me to rent for the next few months? The facility needs to be an established, reputable business.

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    You could rent a unit at a self storage. Some of the ones in Anchorage have indoor storage and some even have alarm systems that require a code on each individual storage unit. I'd just get the smallest unit they have. Get renters insurance to cover the guns make sure you document each gun.


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      Alaska Air is your friend. I've had pretty good luck with them moving guns & ammo. They'll let you move up to 50# of ammo (total weight with bag). I've had issues with AA/TSA over locking of gun/ammo cases. PDX AA is open to take tickets & bags all the time (?) but TSA doesn't have a person there to inspect bags all the time. If TSA is there, you can put on your locks. If TSA is not there, you have to put on TSA approved (worthless!) locks or no locks at all.

      I don't know what the limit is for guns in airplane baggage. I know seven handguns was OK. Long guns may be a weight issue if you have more than X. My long guns went to a different claim area at ANC and I had to show my ticket stub to get them...nice touch!

      The ferry is an option for auto/truck. 65# limit on ammo. No limit on firearms. There seems to have been a big jump in cost from last year to this year.

      Doom and gloom. Be careful about your pick of storage places. I've read of two recent break-ins at storage places in Wasilla (RVs and such) and it seems there was a break-in at Fairbanks involving lots of firearms. Lots of great people in AK...some scumbags as well!

      Most storage units will not allow things that can burn or explode.

      Some storage units are heated.

      NRA has firearm insurance for its members.

      Good luck with your move.


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