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    i shot a 500 mountain gun with the 4 inch barrel. I shot the cor bon's and they hit hard. After the third shot you shot the last two just to finish. I was just curious if anyone has shot any of the longer barrels and how they like it. I want to get one of my own to carry. Also who makes a good holster for the 500. I am looking for the ones that cross over your back and sit right under your chest. thanks
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    Uncle Mike's makes a Bandoleer Holster that works for the S&W500. I have the 7.5" barrel on my Performance Center revolver and I have a 21" Match Grade Machine Barrel for my Encore.


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      Alaskan Sportsman

      Here the holster I have for my 329. I highly praise this holster. It may be expensive but well worth it.



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        S&W 500 holster

        Alaskan Sportsman makes an excellent heavy duty black nylon chest holster, very rugged from the looks of it. The one I saw was at Great Northern Guns in Anchorage. Position of the holster is adjustable.


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          Alaskan Sportsman's Holsters

          makes the best holster for the 4 inch S&W 500 that I have seen. I use this one all the time and love it. I believe it has a lifetime warranty also. I bought mine at Great Northern Guns on Tudor


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            I agree..

            I have two of the Alaskan Sportsmen holsters...one for a 5.5" Redhawk in .44 mag and another that fits a variety of my autoloader pistols. I have carried my .22 pistol under my coat while snow machining for the past four years, and the holster is so comfortable, you really don't notice it's there...even while riding and busting around in the snow. I've not carried the .44 like that, but I have carried it during other kinds of trips and it's still pretty comfortable despite the heavy weight of the Redhawk. I highly recommend them. Fully adjustable, nicely made, and pretty much bomb proof.


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              here, here for the holter

              I'll throw in with the above holster... Use one with a S&W 329 - 44mag... Fits over or under chest waders, wears under pack harness and is (as stated earlier) bomp/fool proof..


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                Holster For S&w 500

                I saw a Desanti holster that you may like. www.desantiholsters.com or www.desantileather.com . Very nice stuff. They also make nice ammo carriers for the 500. I got two of them and they are very high quality. They come in black or brown and fit on the belt and hold 6 rounds each. As far as ammo goes for the 500, check out Buffaloe Bore. I got some that are around 430gr and have like 2,550 ft lbs. Powerful stuff. Super hard cast bullets. Pricey though (as all 500 ammo) at about $42/20.
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