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    I just ordered a new Remington 700 XCR in .270 Win. What is everyones opinion on the weapon? I have always been a fan of Remington and never owned a bad one. Decided to go with the .270 instead of the wsm. Eric

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    Remington 700 XCR

    I bought one last year in .338WM and had it cut to 23". I know some don't like the overmolded stock, but I think the extra grip you get in damp conditions is good. Wish it came with iron sights for dangerous game, but in the smaller calibers it's not really needed. It's also not a CF model and that turns some off for big game. I personally think CF is overrated and have never had a failure, but might change my tune if had to chamber or remove a round while laying on my back with the gun inverted - not likely. I lost about 75 fps cutting the 3" off and wish I had cut it another one or two since I keep my shots under 250 yards. IMO, it's a very good servicable rifle that should take the elements without trouble and still keep a few bucks in your pocket.


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      Remington 700 XCR

      Oh and the caliber: I like your choice over the WSM. I think they along with Rem's SAUM will be shorted lived. Jack O'conner can't be all wrong, but even he thought the 30-06 was a more versatile caliber than the .270. I would suggest moving to something in the 300 Win Mag. range that would cover just about everything short of coastal brownies.


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        Good one!

        I think you did pretty well for yourself. The XCR seems like a solid rifle with the coating over stainless.

        .270 Win. should be excellent for all but the biggest stinkers out there. I have a friend who a few years ago shot a 455 lb. black bear with his .270 with no complaints.

        Whether you load your own or shoot factory, there's tons of options. With factory, there are the Federal High Energy and Hornady Light Magnum loads if you want/need to duplicate the WSM and there's also the Rem and Federal low recoil stuff for new shooters. I can't say for up there, but I know here in Wisconsin the .270 is very popular and ammo availability is just about as good as for the '06.

        Have fun!



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