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  • 325wsm

    Asking for help out there, my buddy and I went to the range with his new unfired browning abolt in 325wsm, leupold scope, both of us shoot weekly.
    I have enjoyed shooting 375hh 3006 etc, shooting the recommended bullet weight (220 or 200? forgot) at fifty yards the darn thing was lucky to shoot inside 4 inches! 40 rounds later; like shooting a 30-06; it still would not group! My buddy asked around and someone suggested that 40-60 plus rounds are necessary to seat the barrel in the action etc, that it would then settle down and shoot admirably.. anyone have any ideas? We even switched scopes from an earlier session.

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    Bad Browning


    If you guys can shoot. (I assume you can.)
    If you tighten all bedding screws before firing. (It's just a screw driver)
    If the scope(s)/ mounts are installed correctly. (I assume you can do that, too, twice, right?)
    If you cleaned the rifle of it's factory grease before starting. (?)

    Then, you have a very bad Browning. There is no way you can hunt with that level of accuracy, or that lack of accuracy.

    As to barrel seating into the action.....that should have done at the factory. (If it was worth carrying home.) I will say that with a good break in of the barrel it will normally shoot better after some number of shots and that is about 40-60 rounds, but with out cleaning during that 40-60 rounds it will only get worse.

    Actually that level of inaccuracy (8 MOA) would have to be a rifle moving in the stock. I can't accept that any barrel could be that bad. That's all I can come up with. Better shootin'.

    Is there nothing so sacred on this earth that you aren't willing to kill or die for?


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      A-Bolt .325 wsm

      My buddy got one from his wife for x-mas. We finally took it to range last week. Same set up. Browning Stainless Stalker in .325 WSM with a Leuplod 2-7. It shot better than we can. After 30 rounds we were grouping 1" at 100 yrds. Found that it favored the Winchester 220 grain factory ammo. Got some reloads going right now. Double check everything stated by Murphy and try again.


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        325 wsm

        You won't believe this, before all this started all screws, mounts, checked.
        Have been shooting for 35 years, that is why this situation is baffling to me.
        I greatly desire to take the rifle alone to the range with 60 plus rounds and have at it. Then and only then will I be satisfied that it is not the shooter but, the rifle.


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          325 wsm

          followup for initial request for help, went to the range with the same rifle, winchester 220 grain, leupold varix3; shot minute of angle, three round groups.


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            What was done differently to achieve the tighter groups?


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              My buddy, who owns the rifle, has never shot anything heavier than a 270 sig. I go to the range every weekend and shoot endlessly with 8mm m48 (100-200 rounds is not unusual, steel buttplate, straight stock) M44 with steel butt plate same amount of ammo, 444 marlin in that **** lightweight Winchester big bore 94, I have to admit shooting the Hornady off the bench is intimidating.
              I offered to go to the range with the black box winchester 180's and the silver box winchester 220's. No distractions, t-shirt, cigar clenched in teeth (love J&R store) boom boom I went.
              The results were not surprising based upon the response from you guys.My buddy may get to shoot once every few months for about an hour.
              As I have experienced, shoot shoot and shoot some more. I believe I have convinced him to keep the A-bolt. Hell of a shooter, will have trigger lightened up a bit, maybe 3lbs-ish.
              For practice I snatch up those iron plates from the RR thrown to the weeds. I paint them white and free hang them at various ranges. Only allowed to shoot at them offhand. I surprise many people who think they cannot do it, I compel them to shoot for fun, they hit it, they continue. Ranges 75 to 200 yards. I think the plates average about 8" wide and about 12 inches long,about. It is great seeing people use iron sighted rifles , offhand shots, and consistently hit the plate.
              Try it with a 22lr pistol at 100 and the rifle too, talk about marksmanship training and it is fun........
              I am trying not to say the obvious, it is because I shot the rifle.


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                don't like tooting my own horn, I know too many excellent shots.............I am just comfortable shooting.


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