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    I have a 7mm STW and was wondering what people thought about turning it into a 358 STA. I do believe they both based off of the 8mm. I originally bought the gun for Caribou, sheep and goats but have mostly used it for moose hunting the last 5 years. Besides having to hand load everything are there any other draw backs to doing this conversion? Thanks
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    358 Sta


    The 7STW is more popular than the 8mm ever was and it is just the 8mm Remington Mag case necked down. Draw backs to the 358 STA. Just a handloading proposition, which for me was never an issue. There is also the 338 Jarrett on that case and the 375 JRS (John R. Sundra) all by just necking the 8mm case. Also the 416 Rem. Mag is tha 8mm case. I would say the 375 would be the best caliber for the STW to become. Perfect for moose and bear, more good bullets available, a better fight stopper and you won't notice a difference in recoil, they're both stiff. Of course the original 8 is also an option if you want a smaller bore, but the 375 JRS is my choice, I have a nice one. Good shootin'.

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      The only drawback I know of is in a lighter rifle, it has spirited recoil. It definately delivers a serious blow and is flat shooting, just a touch more powerful than a 340 Wetherby mag. If you like 35's and want to push the heavier 35 bullets, ie 270 North Forks and 280 A-frames 2700 fps and change, it is the round to choose.

      As much as I like 35's, I'm just not willing to take one in the field that is heavy enough to make shooting it tollerable.
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        go for it!

        mtn, I have always or of late wanted a 358STA. Now there is a magnum for sure. I have never experienced recoil as Paul has put it and it sure has my attention.
        My opinion and we all have them and they are just that is the 7mm should be rechambered. I am waiting to do the same when I get the offer again to buy this fellas 7mm Mag and change it into the 358STA. I am not nor ever will be a 7mm fan-just don't see the need of one.
        I think it will be a very good bear rifle and a bit overkill on moose-but hey! dead is dead. The .375 H&H is used on everything so why not the .358STA-reload of course.
        share with us what you decided.



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          I am going to have to give some thought to what Murphy says about the 375 JRS. I used to have a 340 Wby but sold it to get a stainless one but never did. This last year I bought a Kimber 8400 Montana stainless in a 325 but I am second guessing my choice for what I thought I might use it for wich would be moose hunting and in case I ran into something that was hunting me. It was a spur of the moment choice but now I'm just trying to figure out what I am going to do with what gun. I have not shot the 325 and for some reason I even had a muzzle break put on it, not sure why yet (don't ask). I think the 325 will be a good gun but just not the gun I was intending it to be. In thinking about rechambering the 7mm STW I thought if I picked the right cartridge I would have something that would shoot plenty flat to take hunting for the Caribou, sheep and goats that I intended the STW to be used for and more.

          Oh and Murphy, when you said not a noticable difference in recoil, which 2 cartridges were you referring to because I don't think the 7mm STW has much recoil so it must have been the 358 and 375JRS????


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            358 vs 375

            Yeah, I meant the STA and the JRS are about equal recoil and energy levels, the 375 has the edge of course but recoil will be, for all practical purposes, about equal. There is also the 366 something-or-other, or the 9.3 x belted mag. There are lots of good bullets now. Good shootin'.

            Is there nothing so sacred on this earth that you aren't willing to kill or die for?


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              I went the other route and got a 257 STW for my Encore.


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