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    Originally posted by Daveinthebush View Post
    One of the things we loved in Nam were packages from home. "Hopefully" the package contained Q-tips and W-D40 to clean our weapons. The main weapon we trained in basic training with was the M-14; cleaning, shooting and carrying. Actually the tactics we were taught were WWII tactics of warfare. Ironic....

    We shot the M-16, only one day to qualify. I remember distinctly our introduction to the weapon. "This weapon is awesome because as soon as the bullet leaves the barrel it tumbles around and kills instantly." I thought; This idiot knows nothing about shooting."

    Arriving in country I went to the armory to obtain a weapon. The supply person said he had no M-16's at all. SO I asked for a M-14. He has none of those either. Interesting that you are going to a war zone and no one has any weapons! So I opted for a M-79 that I carried almost my entire 2 tours. HE, Flares, WP, and buckshot. Only problem I ever had was ejecting the buckshot cases.

    Side note: Peacocks roost in big trees and one HE round could knock a couple down. Evenings of fire roasted Peacock with Hines-57 sauce were great. Tough bird but better than C-rations.
    Thanks Dave:

    For your service, and that interesting bit of real history.

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