Form 4473 QUESTION.......LYING on the form 4473....Go straight to JAIL



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  • Form 4473 QUESTION.......LYING on the form 4473....Go straight to JAIL

    This seems a bit extreme.......Lying on 4473 and go straight to jail.......what say you FFL holders.....?????

    Members PLEASE don't suck this thread down some other subject rabbit hole. This thread is only about Lying on form 4473....

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    It will be interesting to see how far this thread runs before it gets shut down.

    Carry on, gentlemen...


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      That is the law, ten years it says on the form. Last year I looked into the prosecution rate and found it had been prosecuted something like 350 times nation wide in the last ten years I think it was. So yea its the law but to get charged with that you'd likely need to be someone that most everyone would agree should be locked the heck up as seems to be the case in that link.
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        The instructions are straightforward, lying is lying.

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          I would request that this thread be LOCKED.
          I got my answer to my question.
          There has been more information released about this arrest and the back story.


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            I can tell you that I call while folks fill one out. I know the answers before I let them get the gun. The paperwork is just a signature.
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