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  • Scope rings for fancy gloss Weatherby

    Can you recommend some gloss scope rings for my Weatherby Lazerguard? I am leaning towards the Leupold standard rings. Does anyone have a Weatherby Vanguard that can comment as to how Remington 700 rings fit? I have read differing views on that. I have a gloss black Leupold Vari-X II 3-9x40 that I'm going to take off my Ruger 338 win mag and just get a different scope for it down the road.


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    Gloss that baby up! Make it pretty. Sounds like you already know what you want to do.
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      I never cared for the standard Leupold Rings, for no good reason I spose, cept that the Leupold QRWs are detachable, as are the Leupold PRWs (with a little allen or torq wrench.)

      I'm sure they come in Gloss.

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        Might want to consider Control rings and bases.


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          Is Control a specific brand? I haven't heard of them.


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            Originally posted by schmidty_dog View Post
            Is Control a specific brand? I haven't heard of them.
            Conetrol is the trademark. Here's your LINK. They produce an overall excellent product and service that can't be topped. I've used them for past rifle builds, and they are a very slick looking combination. To match the MK V you'll want their "Gunnur" or "Custum" finish and you'll not be disappointed with the way they look. They're not cheap or mass produced, but quality rarely is. If you're interested in them I have a 2 piece Custum base set for a MK V somewhere in a box and will dig them out for you. The Custum bases are a worthwhile step above the Gunnur bases aesthetically, however I'd not recommend the Custum rings as they provide no advantage in most scenarios. PM me and we can talk about it if you like.
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              Well almost. I have a synthetic Vanguard S2 in .243 with DMZ rings and a Leupold XV-1.
              Finishes are all mat so I am skipping a picture but the rings were easy to install and work great.
              Worth checking if they make a gloss version.


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