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  • remington speedmaster

    shot one of these a short while back, was liking it a lot. holds about 15 rounds in the tube mag, and just fun to shoot.
    also takes the shorts, which are fun once in a while. wondering about other's experience with them.
    want to put a scope on this one, and see how it does.

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    I have one of the speedmasters that was handed down to me from my grandpa over 40 years ago. Very good and accurate gun. I hunted with it as a kid growing up a lot. It shoots good and is not very picky about ammo. I have used it with a scope as well as open sights and both ways was good. They are getting a lot of interest from collectors now and the prices are going up.


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      I had one that I sold to a friend of mine. It is one of his favorite guns.
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        I have got one that I bought from my brother in law. I have a hard time hitting targets with it - my wife on the other hand can shoot really well with it. Maybe I would do better with it scoped. It is a fun little shooter.


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          Next to the Browning 22 semi auto, the Remingtons are my favorite too...both the semi and pump guns. I have a semi behind the laundry room door and a pump by the garage door...both with Williams receiver sights and they shoot minute of rabbit head to 50 yrds with Aguila subsonics...fine little rifles they are.
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            I have one that was handed down to me by my dad. The thing shoots anything I feed it. Shortly after my dad died (21 years ago), one of his other guns fell on it tearing up the feed tube. My wife and I were dating at the time, so her dad that was a gunsmith/FFL on the side, ordered a new tube for me and fixed it up. I just recently cleaned it up with brass cleaner, and it looks almost brand new.


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