what one gun, do you regret most for getting rid of?



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  • what one gun, do you regret most for getting rid of?

    for me, it was a sig sauer all stainless 45 acp. With all the weight of being a stainless pistol, you could double tap a target, and the bullets would almost always be nearly touching. it was the best shooting pistol I've ever owned. wish I could find another..........


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    S&W 686 that had been customized by Andy Cannon.

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      Oh man.... my life is a list of guns I should have kept.

      A S&W 696...5 shot .44SPEC 3" comes to mind as being something I should have held onto.

      I sold a matched set of Kimbers in .308WIN and .22LR that I kinda wish I'd kept as well.

      A German Sig225 that shot better than it should have...a Euro one with a heel release. Should have kept that too.

      The long sad list goes on and on...
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        A Remington Rolling Block, in 7X57.

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          Hmmm.... my grandpas single shot lever action 20ga Ithaca. Being young and dumb and chasing something bigger and better at 17... <sigh>
          A perfect example of an H&K P7 PSP,
          A Savage 24F .223 over 12ga,
          a stainless mini-14 in .223 that shot incredibly well, best mini I ever shot.
          My Stainless JM stamped 1895G 45/70 (who knew Marlin was going to sell out and be lost forever? Thought I'd always be able to get one at a reasonable price.
          An LC Smith side by side 12ga serial number 3
          An original A-1 AR-15 without the forward assist.
          A 4" Colt King Cobra .357
          The list goes on...
          I'm kinda with Hodgeman on this one...



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            A pair of Colt Pythons - 1 was 6in Blue - 1 was 6in Nickle / 357 mags!

            Maybe my first Rem 12 ga 870 - lots of memories - paid $50.00 for it NIB from a guy that needed some cash!
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              A Ruger Redhawk in 41 magnum...


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                An 'old' Browning A5 mag 12 gauge shotgun. I did not have much use for it in AK so it went away.


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                  Ugh.... I hate to think about it. Actually a collection of guns, all pre-64 M70's.

                  I worked lots of odd jobs as a youngster, accumulating a substantial savings. A family friend was a collector. I've talked about him before- he was the guy with all the classic double rifles. He convinced me that the recently discontinued M70 was going to be a hot collector, and that I should buy odd calibers NIB, and leave them in their boxes without handling or shooting. He'd find the rifles and buy them, and I'd reimburse him. Accumulated 8 of them over a couple of years including 7.65 Argentine, 7x57, Hornet, 375.

                  About 10 years later my neck swelled in rut followed by marriage, kids and college. Paid a big chunk of the first college degree and two babies selling them one by one, and no regrets for the results. But man, I still wish there had been some way to hang onto them.
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                    I regret getting rid of a couple of guns over the years; the first was a High Standard "Double 9" 22lr/22mag; the second was a walther PPK and the other was an original CZ75 1st generation made in the Chec republic "cold war era". Can't replace any of them for what I got them for.
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                      I've only sold one gun, a LH Remington 788 in .308. Bought it for the action, never cared much for it. It didn't fit me well and seemed to kick me more than and other rifle I had. I needed gas $ to jump start my life, my life has been on track ever since so I guess it worked out. I've never noticed another one for sale when I had $ in my pocket.

                      I have several guns in the safe that I need to sell before we make our big move. Just can't bring myself to do the deed.

                      Edit: Good thing this isn't: "The ones you saw and passed on that you wish you'd have bought."


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                        Super Redhawk 454 casull. The only pistol I ever owned. Needed the cash though at the time.
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                          My Dads Remington 731 in 300 H&H""............ I gave it to my son. roud:
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                            I had an old Savage 110 lefty bolt gun in .06 with a 5 digit serial number.

                            I was a dern fool for selling it.
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                              Mauser 98 made in Ergford Germany in 1918. 257 Roberts, walnut stock with 6 hand rubbed layers of boiled linseed oiled stock, 4X Weaver, bent bolt. My first center fire rifle at 16 years old.

                              I was jobless, new baby and needed money. :-(

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