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Need a deer or plinking bullet for the 375?

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  • Need a deer or plinking bullet for the 375?

    Midway is running a good sale on factory seconds, pretty sure they are Hornady 270gr RN. Received 150 of them, and they sure don't appear blemished to me, even on weight. Just thought I would put this out there. Shot some blemished 300gr out of my 375 Ruger yesterday, good groups at 300 yards.


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      Originally posted by AKBman View Post
      ...deer or plinking bullet for the 375...
      That's a good score. Also watch for buys on their 220 grain FP intended for the 375 Winchester. Loaded to 1,800-2,200 fps, it's one of the dandiest bullets to hit a deer. I load mine to 2k, and with my rifle sighted 2" high at 100 with hefty 270 grain loads, the 220 hits more or less right on at that range. Best of all, the bullet nose is so different there's no mistaking one for the other when loose in your pocket. You can swap back and forth between the two if the terrain calls for longer shots.

      The neatest thing of all about the 220, the 375 Winnie was kind of a flash in the pan and not many folks are loading for it any more. I got mine when I ran across a dusty stack of them on the back of a shelf in a sporting goods store. Still marked $8.95 per box!!! Picked up all 12 boxes they had, and two years later I'm on the hunt for more cheap ones. So much fun for deer hunting and cheap plinking, I've almost run through them.
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        Thanks for the tip, just ordered 4 boxes.


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          I ordered 3, then after receiving the first batch, ordered 3 more.


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            These bullets shoot great! My 375 Ruger shot a 5" group at 279 yards with a 25kt crosswind and gusts over 30kts, ballistics program saved my butt with the wind dope, and I pulled one shot that opened the group up from 4". They will certainly do for trigger time.


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              The Hornady 220 FP is just about the best plinker for 375 firearms.Boatloads of small to medium size game were shot with these...and probably continue to be the 375 JDJ.My 12.5" model did 2176 over the screens and was very accurate.

              We used to have mini contests with the handguns...clay targets at 100 yards offhand.Any miss I had was not the fault of the gun or the load...just the nut behind the wheel.

              Too bad that Marlin never chambered a lever gun for the 375 would have been one heck of a hunting cartridge.


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                Tacked on 100 of them with my order of a set of Leupold (weaver style) quick release rings I'm going to put on an Austrian Voere Couger 30-06. Thanks.


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                  I have ended up with 300 of these, and they will go fast! They shoot great, grouped at 1.1" at 130 yards with very little wind.


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