Any Rem 673 350 RM Aficionados Out There?



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  • Any Rem 673 350 RM Aficionados Out There?

    So my standard load for this is RL 15 pushing a 225 gr. Nosler Part. Flat out works.
    But familiarity breeds if not contempt, then boredom.
    What other bullets are folks using with the 673? I've heard tell of a magazine/ramp mod for the 673 where you can use longer bullets and/or seat them out further.
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    I have yearned for one since they were introduced. In fact I ordered one to bring with me when I moved to AK, the distributor couldn't get one before I was slated to leave so I changed my order to a Ruger MKII in the same chambering. It shot okay, but kicked harder than I thought it should have so I trAded it off before I'd ever used it on game. I'll find another one some day and keep it around.

    The magazine well of the 673 action can be cutout to use a Wyatt's extended mag box allowing you a little extra length. The boltstop will need a slight modification but in the case of the 350 I think it would be a worthwhile modification.


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      Not the 673 but I have a Rem 700 in 350RM which is one of two go to rifles. I use the 225gr Sierra game king at 2800fps with TAC. It typically groups 5/8'to 3/4". If I need a 250gr or bigger, I have a 358N. I have always wanted one of the early Rem600s in 350RM.


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        I had one that accounted for several whitetail deer, used the 220 Speer. Underrated bullet in my book. My 673 got sold last year when I went through a major thinning of rifles. I kept my model 700 classic, semi-custom, in 350. It is my go to elk rifle. It shoots 225 Sierra gamekings, really well. For normal hunting ranges the 350 is hard to beat.
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