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  • Now is the time, again!

    Here is some advice to new shooters or those who just need a reminder. There are a bunch of good quality rifle and pistol magazines available at what can be considered normal prices. If you are an avid shooter and train on a regular basis you already know magazines wear out. Especially if you let them drop in the dirt, as you should when performing a "speed load". If you own a fire arm that holds more then 10 rounds in the magazine the day is coming again, when magazines will be scarce and the scalpers will be selling them at more then twice the normal price. The way we are going we may see the time when they are "against the law". How many magazines does one need then? I would say a minimum of 12 for every semi-auto fighting pistol and 20 for every caliber/type of battle rifle you own. They should also be numbered so you will know if a certain magazine is often in the gun when a malfunction occurs. Heck, I have spare 1911 magazines in the house, the garage and my vehicles, and a sling pack that lives in my truck. No, I'm not paranoid, but I ain't stupid either and I like the fact that they are handy. Hand loading ammo is a winter hobby just as shooting it up is a warmer weather hobby. But, I can't load what I don't have, so long ago I learned to buy components with the same lot number when possible and to buy in quantity when a good deal is available. I know I will never use 300 of those 250 grain .338 Barnes X bullets on game, but I don't ever have to worry about running out either. Primers , buy them in no smaller lots then box's of 1,000, when you find your rifle powder get 5 lbs. of it. Keep a few hundred pieces of your favorite brass stored. Bullets, ya can't have to many. Loaded rounds for fighting guns, have as many as possible on hand. I'm not rich and worked my whole life for what I have and I understand not everyone can "load up and stock pile" because of finances. All I'm saying is if you get some spare cash don't waste it when you can invest it in your passion, hobby and safety. Hey, it's almost dividend time!

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    Great advice. I've been stocking up since the primer shortage 30 some years ago. Because of this I haven't been out of anything since. I'm not sure that many magazines is necessary as I have never wore one out. I don't think I have any much more than 50 or 60 years old though. Still, it's not a bad Idea to have extras. But yeah, buying a little at a time over a few years does wonders for the stockpile. Waiting until you need something before heading to the store doesn't always work no matter what the needed item is. And prices aren't known for going down over time.


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      Good, and sensible, advice.


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        Thanks for the reminder!

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