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  • .338& 210 txs

    Any one got any experience to share about the performance of this bullet and the .338 Win. Mag.?

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    TXS is that a new bullet?


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      Haha, It is a 210 grain TSX BT from Barnes bullets. All those letters get me confused. Life used to be so simple.


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        I load this bullet for the wife's Savage 338 WM. She has taken several caribou and a couple moose with this bullet. All were one shot kills from about 60 yards for one caribou and 225 yards for the last moose that she shot. I have not recovered any bullets but they did the job as they should.


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          They work as advertized in my 338-06; don't see why they wouldn't perform equally well in that 'other' cartridge.
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            I see right at 2500fps with a snoot full of Varget from the Barnes 210 gr TSX in 338Fed. I let my wife shoot all the freezer meat with her 30-30, she looks better in the pictures. The bullet techs at Barnes say it should be fine against trophy moose at 400 some yards with that muzzle velocity, but drop is almost four feet at that range for me.


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              I have used them in my 338-06 and have shoot one 58" bull moose a 6'2'' black bear. Bear dropped in its tracks. The moose I shot twice at 250 yards. I feel that at the speeds I'm pushing them 2600PFS or so 300 is max yardage. The bullet opened, but just the tip. Either way the moose didn't care for it and it is in the freezer



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