Went for Montana 325! & Great Win Extreme Weather lead!



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  • Went for Montana 325! & Great Win Extreme Weather lead!

    I just sent the payment off for a used Kimber Montana in 325 WSM with Leupold 2.5X8. I'll cross my fingers it's a shooter! It was a tough choice between the Montana and a Stainless X-Bolt 325. I know the Kimber might need some attention, but what won me over again... lightweight, control round feed, easy bolt field-stripping and a custom stock. The X-Bolt looks very nice, but the Kimber is closer to a custom rifle. So the Browning will have to get on my waiting list.

    During my decision process, I also looked at a couple 338 WMs, a 350 Remington Mag- which I may still just have to have, and a customized Winchester Extreme Weather Stainless in 325 WSM. I came very close to getting the Winchester and bring it up here because... If any of you AK hunters are looking for a great deal... this Winchester is a steal! It's still for sale on GA (Gun_ Ameri__)! The owner had Oregon Gun S. build it and it looks like an expensive custom job! My guess the guy has at least $2,500 into it and is selling for under 1K! I was told the guy builds the rifles as his hobby, then sells them to start another project. So if I steered you to a fantastic buy- perhaps in return a few great AK moose spots

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