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    Can anyone out there speak to the accuracy of the ballistic calculator Zeiss has on their website? I have the Conquest 3-9x40 Rapid Z 600 reticle on my 270wsm. I hit the range yesterday for some shooting. With my load data, the Zeiss calculator says that my second reticle down should be on at 305. I shot my second reticle down at a 200yd target and am shooting 1" high. If I'm hitting 1" high at 200yds it seems like I should actually be hitting low at 305, not dead on like the calculator says. I didn't get to shoot out to 300 yds to test the accuracy.

    I know these ballistic drop calculators aren't always accurate and some are better than others. Just trying to get a feel for others experience with Zeiss' calculator.

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    The calculators are dead on if you have good input data. HOWEVER, they assume a perfect 200 yd zero using the center crosshairs. You have to do that before the rest works out. If you are using the first one down at 200 for some reason, everything is going to be off.


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      Guess I should have pulled the box back out and took a look at the instructions again. I'm was basing everything off a 100 yd zero. Figured if they gave you multiple reticles a 100yd zero made logical sense. Even then I'm actually left it zeroed 1" high at 100yds.

      I just jumped back onto Zeiss' calculator an went to the advanced settings, which I didn't see before. From there I could punch in my actual zero distance and it recalculated the impact for each reticle. Now it has the second reticle at approx. 260yds, third around 310yds, fourth at 365yds. This seems more accurate when compared to what I was seeing at the range.

      Thanks for the info on the 200 yd zero. I'll make the adjustment next time I'm at the range.


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        Check your"Magnification Setting". Set it to match the Ballistic Calculator.

        Mine needs to be set at "8x".
        "The older I get, the better I was."


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          I've got a Rapid Z 800 on my .270 and it's pretty much accurate on everything so far and I've been using it for over 2 years now.


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            I did see that the recommended "magnification setting" changes depending on what information is input.

            The Rapid Z 800 is designed for the magnum calibers and probably more appropriate for my 270wsm. Not that I'll ever shoot out to 800 yds though. Even though the Rapid Z 600 is supposed to be for non-mag calibers it seems to dial in pretty well for my rifle. Right now I'm not practiced up to take any really long range shots. I'd feel good out to 300 and if the conditions were ideal would push it closer to 400. Even if the scope was dialed in perfectly, I would not take a shot beyond that. Not without some more range time.


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              I have one on my 300 RUM. I have shot big rocks, old barrels and some logs to 600 yards with it. The scope was more accurate that I was. I found it to be accurate enough to take game to 400 yards and then stopped practicing with it for lots of reasons, none of them having to do with the scope. I plan on getting the same type of scope for a 264 win. Good glass, accurate reticle that has the ability to change easily if you change a load around.


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                It's actually more accurate, and easier, if you dial in the 300 yard reticle on a near windless day(@ 300 yards of course, or whatever the program predicts your load to be) then the 200 will be good and the 400 should be closer too.


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                  Originally posted by AK Wonderer View Post
                  The Rapid Z 800 is designed for the magnum calibers and probably more appropriate for my 270wsm.
                  It'll work on any rifle really. Farthest I've tried is 400 yards and it's great. Hope to get to 500 to 600 soon. I'd try for coyotes and hogs at that distance but not deer.


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