OOps 308 in a 2506!



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  • OOps 308 in a 2506!

    This may have been around but its the first time I saw this one. From what I know someone fired a 308 in a 2506...Ouch.

    Click image for larger version

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    First time I've seen that one, but yeah it takes a lot of pressure to squirt a 308 bullet down a 257 hole.


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      Candidate for Darwin award ? I would like to know if the bullet did exit the barrel.

      Another reason that I avoid public shooting ranges.....the lack of basic knowledge demonstrated by some folks is shocking.....have been muzzle flashed one too many times, plus fundamental acts like clearing the weapon, pointing the muzzle down range, open the action, etc.

      There is no excuse for these acts.


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        G'Day Fella's,

        I agree, there are some D.A.D.S. out there!
        That acronym stands for, Dumb As Dog S#it (or it that; Dumb As Dawg S#it?)!

        It is also one of the reasons I like Remington 700 series rifles, as I have seen D.A.D.S. do similar things and the Rem 700 rifles didn't disintegrate into shrapnel!!!
        Mtbikeguy, in the instances that I have seen, the bullet miraculously got out of the barrel but the Bolt, Receiver and Barrel were all no longer safe for use, as they had been stressed beyond their safe working limits!



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          Another strong vote for a Top 10 Darwin!


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            Do not own a 308 if you also own a nother rifle chambered for a cartridge of smaller caliber, that is based on the 30-06 case.

            To simplify, just don't own a 308. They're Dangerous. They fit into too many wrong chambers.

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              Man even when these guns blow to hel, it's amazing how intact they are.


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                I'm just sad that a model 70 had to bite the dust...
                Some people call it sky busting... I call it optimism
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                  2 things...

                  1. To qualify for a Darwin Award, I believe the person must perish from said stupid act and thus no longer be able to pass on their faulty genes. Looking at the photos, I am just guessing that this person did indeed survive and would only qualify for an Honorable Mention and a "Better luck next time".

                  2. Is that a children's swing set/play place thingie in the background of the bottom picture?


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                    buddy of mine did this back in 98! He was shooting his 308... put it down and picked up his 2506 ackley improved. He was down behind the rifle and reaching (blindly) for shells as he fired. (turns out he left his 308 rds on the table w/ his 2506) All of the sudden POW! Fractured the stock, swelled (and jammed) the receiver and (we found out later) pushed 100% of that 308 rd thru that .257 orafice and downrange! He came away w/ mild powder/ gas burns to his face, hands w/ numb for a bit.

                    turns out a 308 cartridge fits into a 2506 chamber pretty nicely as the nose of the short 308 bullet rests up against that portion of the chamber where the longer 2506 necks down in dia. And to complicate thing further a 2506 ackley uses fire formed 308 brass! So you can't tell what you have in you hand by looking at the base of the cartridge. (they both say 308!)

                    We decided it would probably be a good idea to only have ONE rifle and ONE cal. of ammo on the firing table at a time!

                    BTW he salvaged the barrel! screwed it into a new receiver, put a new stock on it, and it's still out there somewhere!


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                      I Miss-Spoke!
                      "a 2506 ackley uses fire formed 308" ... What I meant was fire formed 2506 brass... which has the same Dia as the 308.

                      BTW: No this isn't his rifle in the photo. (I think it was a Remington)


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                        I don't think that'll buff out.
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                          Looks like Lupy bases - I wonder how the scope turned out???
                          When asked what state I live in I say "The State of Confusion", better known as IL....


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                            That is a testament to the design, basically 106 years old, that most/all damage was forward of the shooter's face/head. I bet his arm took a beating though. Hey, ***** happens.


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                              is that gun for sale now on gunbroker?


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